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Feb 5, 2009, 2:19:45 AM2/5/09

Are you concerned over internet safety? Do you want a safe environment
for your valuable data to pass through without the watchful eyes of your
internet service provider, government, university, or employer?
International Alliance Privacy Services is here and we have listened to
numerous people just like you. We have centered our services around data
encryption that scrambles your internet activity, chat sessions, emails,
and other sensitive information to provide you with the most private
experience you can obtain.

International Alliance Privacy Services believes in the highest form of
online data encryption. We use RSA encryption to protect all of your
online activity. The following account types outline the levels of
encryption you would receive based on your account choice:

Any PPTP VPN Account: 128-bit RSA (changed every 15 days)
Any OpenVPN Account: 256-bit RSA (changed every 30 days)
Any SSH Account: 768/2048-bit high grade RSA (encryption changes at the
top of every hour)

Your online security and protection is the number one reason we're in
business. We have top level expert technicians here when you need them.
We have vast certifications in the security field and this is all we do.
Again, if you have questions please ask. We can explain every part of
our service, how it works, what it does, and where it can benefit you.

Sometimes its better to ask us beforehand what account type we would
recommend. Based upon what your needs are, we can create a customized
solution to meet your needs. Not every one needs a one size fits all
solution. Come to think of it, do you know any other company that has
live support and offers to connect to you remotely to help you in your
setup if you get stuck? What about asking questions during that live
setup support? Will any other company explain the process to you live as
its happening? We do!

What about support for the life of your account? International Alliance
Privacy Services has you covered. When you become a client of ours, we
take excellent care of you. from everything regarding setup assistance,
to making recommendations, to answering questions that you may have
regarding our products or online security in general. So before you
settle for a one size fits all solution from another company, give
( International Alliance Privacy
Services the opportunity to serve you in a manner that you won't soon

An overview of SSH: An SSH tunnel is an encrypted network tunnel created
through an SSH connection. SSH is frequently used to tunnel insecure
traffic over the Internet in a secure way. In order to create an SSH
tunnel, the SSH client is configured to forward a specified remote port
and IP address (that is accessible on the SSH server) to a port on the
local machine. Once the SSH connection has been established, the user
can connect to the specified local port to access the network services
that would otherwise only be available at the remote IP address and port.

SSH tunnels provide a means to bypass firewalls that prohibit certain
Internet services provided that outgoing connections on port 22 are
allowed. For example, many institutions prohibit users from accessing
Internet web pages (port 80) directly without first being examined by a
proxy/filter device. However, if users are able to connect to an
external SSH server, it is possible for them to create an ssh tunnel to
forward port 80 on an external web server to a given port (probably port
80) on their local machine.

Server locations available for SSH Services: United States, United
Kingdom, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany, Malaysia, Czech Republic, The
Netherlands, and Hong Kong. We can issue you a completely anonymous ip
address from any of these locations. Not only are you highly protected
through the encrypted date passed between our servers and yourcomputer,
you appear to be located in the country where our servers are located to
the outside (internet) world.

An overview of VPN: A virtual private network (VPN) is a private data
network that makes use of the public telecommunication infrastructure,
maintaining privacy. These systems use encryption and other security
mechanisms to insure that only authorized users can access the network
and the data cannot be intercepted. A Virtual Private Network refers to
a network in which some of devices are connected using the Internet, and
data transfers are encrypted. Companies tend to use VPN's to network
offices in different cities. A VPN is a technology that establishes a
private or secure network connection within a public network, such as
the internet. This method of connection is excellent for public
hotspots, internet cafe's, or any place where you need to operate over
an unsecured wireless network. Once you connect to the vpn server, your
unprotected wireless connection becomes encrypted and your data becomes
scrambled to any would-be snooper.

Come check us out, you won't be disappointed!

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