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Sursum Corda! BBS

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Marc Lewis

Oct 26, 2008, 10:41:11 AM10/26/08
+ User FidoNet address: 1:396/45
Hello All!

FreeNet systems are all but gone around the U.S. We offer a close

+ Our system can be dialed into as well as telnetted into.
+ You don't need a fast computer or internet connection; even the
slowest computer and modem can use our system. (Down to 1200bps!)
+ We offer free text only (no file attachments, no pictures),
99.9% SPAM-FREE EMail with an easy-to-use message editor.
+ Absolute, TOTAL 100% isolation from e-mail viruses.
+ Your own e-mail address.
+ We offer a powerful, text based (no graphics) Web Browser (Lynx).
+ We offer free outbound Telnet, FTP and IRC (Internet Relay Chat).
+ We also offer hundreds of message forums from FidoNet, Intelec and
selected Usenet newsgroups.
+ Free local file base with tens of thousands of downloadable files.
+ Free on-line games too!

It's a no-cost, safe, efficient alternative to for-pay ISP or online
services (like America On Line). Call us!

Sursum Corda! BBS
Dial-up access: 601-553-3671

> A FREE guide to using telnet and how to use a BBS is available. Send
> e-mail to writer by removing anti-spam characters from return address.

Best regards,
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