Forbin Project and MSI merge

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David S. Bonds

Oct 21, 1991, 7:54:29 PM10/21/91
Here is the info I have on the Qmodem & Mustang Software merger, for those
who are interested, have seen nothing to contradict this info in the week
or so it has been floating around, so I imagine it must be true.

Sorry about the double spacing, seems qmodems ascii upload function and
vi do not get along!

Mustang Software, Inc.

Bakersfield, CA USA

Tel: 805-395-0223

Fax: 805-395-0713

BBS: 805-395-0650

The Forbin Project, Inc.

Cedar Falls, IA

Tel: 319-266-0543

Fax: 319-266-1203

BBS: 319-266-0540



Bakersfield, CA October 13, 1991 -- Mustang Software, Inc. (MSI),

developers of the WILDCAT! bulletin board system, joins with The Forbin

Project and John Friel, developers of the PC telecommunications program

QMODEM, in announcing the acquisition of QMODEM by MSI. "The QMODEM

purchase is the second major step in our goal of becoming a single-source

supplier for our customers," said Jim Harrer, Mustang's President and CEO.

Based on agreements made over the past few weeks, QMODEM's author and

developer, John Friel, joins the MSI programming team and has already begun

work on the next major update of the program. Development, distribution

and ownership of QMODEM will be transferred to MSI on January 6, 1992, at

which time a new major update will be released to the 70,000-plus registered

QMODEM users by MSI.

"Acquiring QMODEM as a complementary product for our WILDCAT! BBS offers

many exciting possibilities for users of both programs," Harrer said.

"Our development team is very excited about the opportunity to work

with John Friel on new ways to incorporate features that complement both

products. We are indeed fortunate to have John join our staff. His talents

give us what I believe is the best development team in the telecommunications


Friel was also excited about the opportunity to move QMODEM into the retail

channel. "I've worked on and off with Mustang for more than 5 years on various

projects, and I'm pleased to accept the position of Vice President of R&D

for MSI," Friel said. "It's a very positive move for the product and the

installed base."

In an effort to keep customers of both companies informed, the following

product information is being released. It is designed to help users make

informed decisions regarding future purchases, and to limit speculation

and rumor about the future direction of the newly acquired product:

QMODEM v4.3 - The current release is 4.3 and remains available from the

Forbin Project, while quantities last for $30. This version includes

Qmodem Registration, Disks and Manual. Support for QMODEM will

remain with The Forbin Project until 1/6/92, at which time it will be

assumed by Mustang Software, Inc. The shareware version of QMODEM will

not be updated by The Forbin Project beyond v4.3, and effective 1/6/92

The Forbin Project will forward all sales and support requests for QMODEM

to MSI.

QMODEM v5 - MSI will release QMODEM v5 on January 6, 1992. It will be

available through retail channels including all 255 Software Etc stores

nationwide. The new QMODEM v5 will incorporate many new features and will

be priced at $99. Current QMODEM owners will be able to upgrade to

QMODEM v5 for $35 until March 1, 1992.

MSI intends to continue its tradition of offering a Test-Drive of its

products and will be releasing an evaluation version of QMODEM shortly

after the release of QMODEM v5.

Mustang is very excited about the addition of the new product and staff.

This is the second in a series of enhancements slated for the five year

old company. Just two weeks ago Mustang announced the acquisition of

Technique Computer Systems, developers of the TOMCAT! mail door, SLMR

mail reader and TNet Network message processor. In addition to the

product technology gains, MSI also added the talents of Scott Brynen and

Greg Hewgill to its development team.

The combined impact of these back-to-back mergers positions MSI as the

major player in the integration of telecommunications products. Together

with their recent announcement of gateway products for the company's

WILDCAT! BBSfor MCI, MHS and CompuServe (CIS), MSI is positioned to

offer something to nearly everyone with any type of telecommunication


Mustang Software will be exhibiting at COMDEX/Fall '91 in the Mirage Hotel,

booth M-137. The company is also sponsoring a Sysop party and Ping-Pong

Tournament on Wednesday night October 23, 1991 in Bally's Casino resort,

Metro 2 & 3. Invitations will be available at their booth in the Mirage.

Dave Bonds Radioactive cats have
InterNet : 18 half lives...
The Cutting Edge - (713)466-1525 - HST

Ken Jongsma

Oct 23, 1991, 2:42:30 PM10/23/91
For what it's worth, Qmodem and vi get along ok. The problem is Unix
vs Dos text files. The CR/LF pair needs to be stripped out and replaced
with just a CR for Unix.

Qmodem does this just fine in the ASCII Protocol Setup section.

Ken Jongsma
Smiths Industries
Grand Rapids, Michigan!wybbs!ken

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