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Kenneth McVay OBC

Aug 10, 2009, 12:25:26 AM8/10/09
In article <>,
Anonymous <> wrote:
>Looking to TRADE for a good used motorhome, or mini-motorhome.
>Must pass full inspections, but need not be brand new,naturally.
>Have all kinds of items to trade for suitable vehicle for a pensioner.
>If you have one,and interested in trading for expensive items,
>write to:
>Am located in northern Alberta Canada, so US person would have to deliver.

Do you have 5.25" floppy disks to sweeten the pot, Bill?

Updated Grosvenor Legal Documents & Extortion conviction:

Grosvenor's latest legal challenge:

Fraser Gordon, writing for the Queen's Bench court (Calgary),
explains: "Under the Statute of Frauds, transactions can be
set aside in cases where it is shown that a debtor -- or
someone with the possibility of becoming a debtor --
transferred assets with the intent of frustrating enforcement.
The Court so ruled in this case, noting (1) that the transfer
from Mr. Grosvenor to Mrs. Grosvenor was done after Mr. Grosvenor
was served with a Libel notice, and (2) that the transfer was
between family members and for no consideration. (The Court
had little interest in Mr. Grosvenor's argument that he was
never the beneficial owner of the home. ) ... I would expect
the next steps taken by the judgement creditor will be
enforcement of the debt, which may include sale of this house."
Mr. Grosvenor has until August 7 (2009) to file an appeal and
seek a stay of enforcement.
"Hey Kenneth there are people dying now that never did dye before."
(Kurt Knoll, Kitimat's Leading Revisionist Scholar and Reigning
Village Idiot)
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