Pinch Don't Bite

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Nomen Nescio

Jul 26, 2002, 6:30:09 PM7/26/02
Guys LOOK i know you think your being cool but ladies really hate to have
there nipples bitten even during ruff sex because your mouth is a slime
bucket full of shit and when you bite us and make us bleed we end up with
tittie sores which take weeks to heal. So if you really want to turn us on
and get the best sex out of us PLEASE just give ah tiny pinch now and then,
After all we could be real cunts and take a bite out of your ball sack and
send you to the dotcors to get an AIDS test.

Or think how funny you would look running around with your nut sack ripped
open and your balls in your other hand untill some fruit doc can push them
back inside where they belong.

Thanks Boys and have a nice day

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