Land Cruiser and the Fiestone air-ride helper air bags

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Oct 22, 2019, 1:18:49 PM10/22/19
I have installed (professionally by a dealer that does this sort of
stuff) the Firestone air bags that go inside the rear coil springs.

For the THIRD time, the air lines have kinked. This, of course, makes
it impossible for air to get into (or out) of the air bags.

Travel path and distance have all been considered but NOTHING seems to
work using the hard, plastic air line. It simply always kinks.

The problem stems from the up and down travel of the rear of the car,
especially when the rear is jacked up to attach the weight
distribution hitch from my RV.

I am considering a soft type of 1/2 in hose (doesn't need to hold more
than about 50 or so lbs of air pressure) to try and get around this
problem. There are also 1/4 in hoses that have a stainless steel braid
around them.

Anyone have either a similar problem or, hopefully, found a solution
to this problem? I really need these air bags to work.

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