I have a 2017 Tacoma it has 6,900 on it and the Book saids every 5,000 but these people at Toyota are telling me every 10,000 miles w synthetic is that right,Thanks

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Not all synthetic oils are the same so a blanket statement like every 10,000 miles is misleading. If you are using a quality synthetic like Amsoil, Royal Purple, or Redline you can go over 10,000 miles provided you are using a good quality filter and a rare earth magnet on the filter housing or a magnetic drain plug. Some newer Toyotas are using an aluminum filter housing where you just change the pleated media inside, in that case you need a magnetic drain plug. Mobile1 synthetic oil has three different grades. I use the 15,000 mile rated oil these days and change it every 10,000 miles with Purolator PureOne filters. I have one truck with 475,000 miles, an 01 Rav4 with 290,000 miles, an 06 Rav4 with 95,000 miles and an RX350 with 210,000 miles. None of these vehicles use more than 1/4 of a quart of oil between oil changes. To be on the safe side I would pay for an oil analysis at least once at the 10,000 mile interval with the above mentioned setup and verify the oil is doing its job. If all is good you just stay on that schedule.
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