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John Poulos

May 1, 2001, 6:24:19 PM5/1/01
I installed the new, longer drive shaft after getting the pinion angle
right and took a 50 mile drive. Since nothing fell off and it pulled
strong to over 90 MPH I figure it's ready to offer to the NG to play
with. It still needs the stock seats recovered or replaced, speakers
added for the stereo and some tweaking.
I runs and drives fine, but I don't know if I'd drive it cross country
with out some local beta testing. As you may recall Warren had over 25K
in the car when I bought it and I've got another 2K in it by now without
labor. I'd sell it to a NG'er for 13K before doing anymore for EBAY.

Here's some of the stuff on the car, and pictures are here:


TRW Forged Pistons 200 ci Ford $270
Cam brgs TED HARBIT $55
freeze plugs rubber $20
gasket set " $125
rod brgs " $120
main brgs " $160
cam gear aluminium " $125
oil pump gear kit w/plate $65
ARP rod bolts " $85
ARP main brg studs " $60
cam r3+ regrind " $125
recon lifters " $45
hi output blower pulleys " $221
Rebuilt SC w/ HO impeller " $95 impel & SC
rebuild $550
spring tensioner new for SC $90
Supercharger oil cooler $200
SC belt " $25
SC inlet hose " $28
bonnet SC to carb " $100
Supercharger output hose and clamps $15
ALUM 4 barrel manifold Lionel stone $325
ALUM R-2 Water manifold " " $275
blower bracket " " $205
Idler arm and pulley " " $135
finned aluminium valve covers $200
add filler tubes and caps $40
balance & blueprint, drill and tap crank to accept 7/16 SAE flywheel
bolts align bored, install cam bearings Lifter bores drilled tapped and
plugged for oil control $1200
HEI HD ign Dave Leveque $400
2 1/4 Stainless exhaust system $600
Carter AFB 625 CFM $225
Fuel pump Holley HP with reg. $125
Oil pressure safety switch $40
Magnum Alternator $100
Air filter and hose $82
3/8 inch steel line, hose and filter $41

Valves 1.85/1.60 Manely 11578/11889 $160
Valve springs/retainers/keepers Dart SB chevy
Ported and polished, install bronze guides, cc and mill heads .068 to 45
cc, machine heads for o/s valves, machine pc valve seals, comp.valve job
etc. $350
drill oil return holes to 3/8


aluminium 56" drive shaft Tom Clise $240
u-joint osp10134 $14
u-joint n33130 $17
ALUM 54" 9" Ford axle housing w/3" tubes, 3.150 dia.brg 48.5" flange
to flange w/31 spline Summers Bros. Axles Winters Performance $773
Detroit true trac31 spline " $300
ALUM 9" Ford carrier Strange eng. $400
4.11 ring and pinion $170
trans mount-GM energy suspension #3-1108 $45
T-5 sp Borg Warner IROC Camaro $340
shifter PRO 5.0 Power Tower $180
Custom shift lever $45
clutch Center Force dual friction 10.4 26 spline GM $250
Machine Pilot adapter $65
Weld spring pads, align pinion $125
Traction Bars Lakewood $45


17x8 ARE torque thrust 2 wheels with 225/50/17 Nitto tires $1260
Disc brake kit Dave Leveque $500
master cyl. 1" bore Wilwood $60
1 1/4 Olds Cutlass sway bar in urethane mounts $100
springs sws 9 1/2-0700 lb. 5" dia. Tom Clise $70
height adjusters $58
new a-arm bushings upper and lower, rebuilt steering center post
shocks 70-81 Camaro Gabriel gas shocks $60


17x8 ARE torque thrust 2 with 245/50/17 BFG tires $1260
spring pads lan lss-312 Tom Clise $39
Rear disc brake kit m-2300-G Ford motorsport(EXPLORER) $325
rear sway bar 3/4 " ADDCO #914 $50
shocks rear 9400(?) Carrera Low pressure gas $180
spring bushings front Polyurethane $85
" " rear aluminium

Body work and paint $4500
Aluminium Radiator Griffin $180
Electric Fan $160
Fan Thermostat $40
Bear claw latches $150
E-brake cables Lokar EC-80FU &EC-80FHT $90
Vent shrouds Classic enterprise $115
front floor boards " $120
head liner kit Phantom $100
Carpet kit $190
windshield rubber, rear window rubber, vent seals, window u-channels
62 Hawk tall lights
56 Hawk fins $100
mirrors $70
park Lights
Trunk mounted Battery
Window fuzzies

AM/FM CASS R&G ENTERPRISE 800-535-4903 $189
Antenna Dakota Digital hidden antenna $60
door openers Dakota Digital cmd-3000 remote control $200

Studebaker on the Net: http://stude.com
Studebaker Interiors:http://stude.com/covers
My Ebay items: http://stude.com/EBAY

Bob Lyle

May 1, 2001, 7:02:42 PM5/1/01
Oh, to sleep...perchance to dream!! If only I could win the Lotto!
I guess I'll have to be content with what I have....AND the raffle-Hawk I'm about to win!

I got the Avanti detailed today...she's gleaming now!! The poor guy doing it said people were
interrupting him all day long, asking questions about it!

Bob (I'm smiling!)

John Poulos wrote:

Big Bob
Austin, Tx (512) 272-5445

'78 Avanti II
'52 Studebaker 2R5 (1/2ton C-Cab) Custom/Rod
'55 Studebaker 2 dr Sedan (rust-collector)
'66 Studebaker Daytona Sport (dust-collector)
'62 Studebaker T-Cab (parts truck)

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Dave Lester

May 1, 2001, 8:04:03 PM5/1/01
John, were does the temp. run on the car?

Dave Lester
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Dave Lester

May 1, 2001, 8:07:08 PM5/1/01
> I got the Avanti detailed today...she's gleaming now!! The poor guy doing
it said people were
> interrupting him all day long, asking questions about it!

FOUL! FOUL! It ain't fair! I think judges should deduct for detailing
done other than by the owner! FOUL! I need to get 'Sheba ready... and I
AIN'T in the mood!

John Poulos

May 1, 2001, 8:26:05 PM5/1/01
140-150 degrees so far, might have to adjust the thermostat for a later
fan cut in.

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