Leaking crankshaft front oil seal on 240SX KA24E (1990)

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Jan Friedrichsen

Aug 2, 2001, 9:36:00 AM8/2/01
I had to replace the timing chain guides and the tensioner on my 1990 240SX
because the chain was rattling on startup and during driving. Now, that`s
ok, but the crankshaft oil seal which is located in the timing cover does
leak more an more from day to day. Of course I had replaced it during the
change of the parts, I bought the correct genuine Nissan Part. I also think
I had installed it properly. But then this leak! Today I am going to order
a new seal and replace it again cause all that I can imagine that causes
the leak is a faulty seal from factory (although it looked ok) or maybe
eventually an installation error?

Any help or advice is apreciated. And please excuse my english, I'm german.

Jan Friedrichsen


Aug 2, 2001, 5:00:09 PM8/2/01
if you look at the seal you will see a small spring that makes a circle on
the inner lip of the seal, this side faces the engine.

when you get it apart inspect the crank pulley surface where the seal rides,
if there is a groove on that surface take some emory cloth and buff it up a
little bit . this will help smooth out the sealing surface.

when installing the new seal , tap it in with a small hammer till it is just
flush with the front of the timing cover, also take some wheel bearing
grease and apply some on the inner lip of the seal this will help it seal up

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Aug 2, 2001, 6:07:21 PM8/2/01
We think a lot alike Truck

"Truck" <noe...@thisho.use> wrote in message
> When you remove the leaking one check the condition of the crank where
> the seal rides against. If it has a groove deep enough to catch a
> fingernail on then you should check into an aftermarket seal that
> rides against a different part of the crank. I'm fairly sure that
> Fel-Pro makes such a seal but there may be other companies that do as
> well. Also be sure the area where the seal makes contact against the
> crank is clean. I use VERY fine sandpaper in the range of the 600
> grit wet/dry stuff and then make sure you clean out any debris you
> create. If there is no significant groove then it must've been an
> installation error. First of all make sure that the flat walled side
> of the seal faces outward. If someone else in this group can help me
> word that better please jump in. :-) In other words, what you want
> to end up with is the smaller end of the `cone' looking inside piece
> to face the engine. Also make SURE you put a little bit of wheel
> bearing grease on the seal (before you install it) where it contacts
> the crankshaft. That will keep the crank from tearing the new seal
> up. Good luck.
> Wil

Jan Friedrichsen

Aug 2, 2001, 7:28:34 PM8/2/01
Nothing new for me, cause its not the fists seal I replaced on my vehicles.
The new seal is ordered and will be installed in a few hours. We`ll se....

I just thought there's maybe something very special to take caution of on
the 240SX when doing this replacement.
Jan Friedrichsen

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