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Roewe will have its own version of the Buick Regal

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Aug 28, 2011, 11:10:54 PM8/28/11
From AB and ANC

Even in the vehicle-hungry Chinese automobile market, there are
winners and losers. SAIC has seen its passenger vehicle sales fall to
just under 91,000 units for the first seven months of 2011. That's a
two-percent drop versus 2010, and the company is making several moves
to reverse that trend. Forty-five billion Yuan will be poured into
research and development over the next four years, and the sales
figure are also likely to get a shot in the arm from the July
showroom debut of the Roewe W5, the first SUV for SAIC.

On the heels of the new W5 SUV, and joining other SAIC models like the
Roewe sedans and several MG models will be a new midsize sedan that's
based on the Buick Regal. Codenamed BP31, the new Roewe sedan will be
yet another model to employ the widely-used General Motors Epsilon
architecture. General Motors already works with SAIC building Buick,
Chevrolet and Cadillac vehicles, as well as Wuling vans. It's not
going to stop with this sedan, either; there will be a total of nine
new or redesigned vehicles rolling out between now and 2015.

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