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More Grand National rumblings. The future is near???

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Jun 23, 2010, 3:02:02 AM6/23/10
From AB

Regal s image overhaul targets youth
GM is ramping up a new lineup for Buick that seems sure to break up
the brand s blue-haired image. The mid-size Regal will soon arrive
with four-cylinder engines only, including a high-performance turbo
four planned for next year, as well as a manual transmission yes,
in a Buick!

There s also a chance that North Americans will see hatchback, wagon,
diesel and all-wheel drive variants, according to a recent report.

Buick s Regal guru Jim Frederico says the hatchback version would be
the easiest to federalize for North American consumption, although
the longer wagon is also a possibility, Car and Driver s website
reported. Should that wagon happen, the car would likely come with
all-wheel-drive, since this combo is particularly popular in the
snowier markets, while bringing over a four-cylinder diesel would
also appeal to these buyers. The diesel four wouldn t be brought to
North America until after the revised Euro 6 emissions rules come
into effect by the end of 2013.

The Regal, which is basically a twin of the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia in
Europe, was to be a Saturn product in North America before GM s
financial turmoil killed off the different kind of company brand,
as well as Pontiac and Hummer. The first few Regals for North
American consumption will be built where the Opels are, in
Rüsselsheim, Germany, before quickly moving to GM s Oshawa plant.
However, given the low number of Regal hatches and/or wagons expected
to be sold on this side of the ocean, those models would still come
from Germany, the site reported.

On top of the Regal, Frederico also said that Buick will soon come out
with a small compact based on the Chevrolet Cruze platform, a compact
SUV that won t be a rebadged version of the Saturn Vue which was
planned but then scrapped after negative feedback as well as
possible plans for a later re-emergence of the hallowed Buick Grand
National name.

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