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PIC: New Buick Regal is coming - GRAND NATIONAL TO FOLLOW???

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Oct 17, 2009, 5:55:30 PM10/17/09
Just the other day, General Motors announced that Buick's next
injection of fresh product will revive the Regal nameplate that's
been absent in the United States for six full years. Based on the
same Epsilon II platform as the latest 2010 Buick LaCrosse but about
seven inches shorter, the Regal is expected to hit the market with a
price that's thousands less than its bigger brother.

Though the Regal has been on sale in China for a little while now, the
North American model will apparently differ slightly from that sedan,
as can be seen in the photo above, which was recently captured by an
eagle-eyed Facebook user and uploaded to Buick's official FB page.

Most readily apparent is the altered front fascia, which features a
slightly larger and more rounded-off version of Buick's trademark
chrome waterfall grille. Also note the redesigned lower openings
below the grille and headlamps along with the new squared-off fog
lamps. Thankfully, it seems the American Regal might not sport the
chrome fender vents of the Chinese model.

Maybe this is the beginning and the Grand National will be back
soon??? One could only hope!

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