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Who is Garry or Gary Scarff from Los Angeles, CA 90046?

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Oct 19, 2009, 10:52:06 PM10/19/09

Who is Garry or Gary Scarff from Los Angeles, CA 90046?

Liar and manipulator who will do anything for money and attention

You can’t get much lower than capitalizing on the tragic deaths of
hundreds of people to garner attention for your own financial gain,
but that is exactly what Garry Scarff did.

While most people were in shock over the deaths of the 900 plus people
who were killed in the jungle in Jonestown, Guyana, Garry Scarff used
the opportunity to concoct an entirely fabricated story that his
father was a member of the People’s Temple and was amongst those who
had been killed in Jonestown. Scarff foisted this lie off to hundreds
of attendees at conferences held by the Cult Awareness Network (CAN)
and to the news media to get attention and as a fund raising ploy for
CAN. (His father was actually alive and well and living in Florida.)

Notwithstanding the fact that Garry has never been married, claims he
is gay and has no children, he later embellished the story even
further, saying that his wife and small child were also killed at

Unfortunately Garry’s pathological lying did not end there but rather
it was just the beginning. Thus it is not surprising that Garry Scarff
has once again crawled out from under his rock to become one of the
prominent members of the Los Angeles branch of the Internet hate group

Paid to Conduct Kidnappings

Religious Freedom Watch has learned that years before becoming an
Anonymous leader Garry Scarff was a “kidnap for hire” deprogrammer for
the Cult Awareness Network and worked closely with with various CAN
kidnappers who targeted religious minorities from the 1970s to the mid
1990s until the group went bankrupt after being hit with a multi-
million dollar judgment in a federal kidnapping case filed by one of
its victims.

Apparently to get even and gain attention, Scarff turned on the group
after he was blackballed from CAN for testifying against fellow
kidnapper Bob Brandyberry in a 1988 Denver kidnapping case. After
being ejected from CAN, Scarff executed a series of four declarations
detailing the felonies and other crimes in which he and other CAN
kidnappers had been involved.

RFW has obtained copies of these signed declarations in which Scarff
confesses to the following crimes and religious hate crimes amongst
other things:

* Scarff confessed to assisting Adrian and Anne Greek in planning
the kidnapping and deprogramming of their daughter.
* Scarff confessed to assisting CAN kidnappers Bob Brandyberry and
Diane Benscoter in a kidnapping and subsequent failed deprogramming of
a member of the Unification Church by the name of John Abelseth in
* Scarff claims that he was raped by deprogrammer Bob Brandyberry
who he then testified against in Brandyberry’s 1987/1988 kidnapping
* Scarff confessed to the kidnapping and attempted deprogramming
of a college student around Christmas time in 1983. Another CAN
deprogrammer / kidnapper Mary Alice Chronaloger and several others
assisted Scarff.
* Scarff dished up detailed knowledge of anti-cult attorney Ford
Greene’s marijuana cultivation and use.

Unable to remain honest or exhibit social behavior for more than a
brief period, Scarff’s life has been punctuated by lies and betrayal
of anyone who has been unfortunate enough to become his friend or who
has tried to help him or place trust in him. Scarff’s modus operandi
is to commit all manner of immoral anti-social and/or illegal acts and
then in a feigned act of remorse, make a confession in which he freely
admits to the most alarming crimes while blaming others, only to then
resume his illicit behavior.

Lies in Lawsuit to try and get Money

Scarff’s lies and deceit has not been limited to just the subject of
the Scientology religion. He has likewise abused other religions,
although to a lesser degree. For example, in a lawsuit that Scarff
filed in 2001 against his boss and former employer, UCLA, Scarff
concocted a story that he had been subjected to discrimination based
on his religion, claiming that he was Jewish and his boss, a Syrian,
had acted abusively and had him terminated.

Scarff lied in the lawsuit stating, “Ayoub was aware of the fact that
Plaintiff’s race, ethnicity and religion are Jewish and that
Plaintiff’s mother was born in Israel. Ayoub, on the other hand, is
Syrian.” However, Scarff’s birth certificate clearly shows that his
mother, Estelle Nadine Cox, was born in Missouri, and that Scarff was
born in Sacred Heart Hospital, Fort Madison, Iowa, the attending
physician a sister in the Church. Scarff’s family was Catholic and
Scarff later threatened to sue the Catholic Seminary he was rejected
from, when he wanted to become a priest.

Scarff’s vindictive lawsuit was dismissed in 2002.

Scarff is currently claiming to be disabled in order to obtain
Workmen’s Compensation yet regularly comes out with members of
Anonymous to try and harass and intimidate members of the Church of
Scientology. In one instance Scarff and other Anonymous harassed a
member of the Church to the point that he reacted physically at which
point Scarff hit him over the head with the stick of his picket sign.
Scarff has numerous past instances of attempting to incite violence
against Scientologists

Egmont R. Koch
Schevemdorer Landstr. 15
28325 Bremen, Germany

Dear Sir:

I was a featured subject in your program “Looking for … The Dark Side
of Scientology,” which aired on station ARD/WDR. I have been told by
Ms. Botros that it is going to be aired again. Having seen the show
and the falsehoods contained in it, I insist you not air the show

1. I lied numerous times and both Mona Botros and you knew I was
lying, not credible and not worthy of being relied on. The show
creates a completely false impression and I can imagine that
Scientologists in fact find it libelous.

To make the record clear — I was never a Scientologist or a
Scientology agent. I have no knowledge of prison camps or “myserious
deaths” or planned assasinations of anyone from 1991 or at any other
time. I was never staff of the Office of Special Affairs, nor did I
carry out any activities on behalf of that Office. In fact, I was
never on staff for any Scientology Church.

I never saw any prisoners at any Church facilities.

I was never threatened by anyone from Scientology even though I
falsely accused Scientology attorneys of planning to kill persons
critical of the church.

2. Mona Botros and you knew that I had lied to you when you were
filming this piece. You also knew my history of lying, yet you chose
to ignore it. Your anticipated sources for the story refused to co-
operate, so you were stuck with me. Even though you caught me lying to
you and said you didn’t trust me, you still used me as your “source.”

3. The dramatic opening of the program showing me having a nervous
breakdown, crying and physically ill at the Farmers Market was not
caused by pressure or fears of Scientologists, but rahter your anger
with my for lying to you and co-operating with Scientologists; your
holding back the money you had promised to pay me and refusing to give
me an airline ticket so I could go home, my not having my medication
to for treating me for being H.I.V. positive (which I complained to
you about) and your refusual to allow me to return home Sunday as

I demand that you not re-air this previously aired pack of lies. I
feel guilty that I allowed Ms. Botros and you to buy me off with your
feigned friendship and money. Your lack of objectivity and
journalistic ethics, together with your willingness to subvert the
truth has led to a program that gives a totally incorrect, even
fraudulent, picture of the Church of Scientology.

If you chose to air this program again, I will pursue every legal
claim available to me under the laws of every country exposed to this

Do not attempt telephonic communication with me. If you call my home
to harass me I will immediately inform law enforcement authorities.


Garry Scarff

cc: Elliot J. Abelson Esq.
Station Manager, WDR

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