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PICS: One more step toward the NEXT Buick Grand National

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Jun 23, 2010, 6:51:36 PM6/23/10
From AB

n its ongoing quest to reinvent the Buick brand as something other
than the official car of the AARP, General Motors has launched a new
social media marketing campaign complete with swanky parties in
cities like Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia. There will be no shuffle
board. The move is part of The General's new "Buick's Moment of
Truth" campaign, where party attendees are given flip cameras to
record their impressions positive or negative of the brand's
products. The videos will then be posted to a site for all to see.

According to Brand Week, the Regal Remix parties are designed to help
people become aware of exactly what the Buick brand means in post
bankruptcy trim, and the shindigs dovetail with an aggressive
internet marketing campaign targeted to 35-40 year-olds. That's a
smart move, considering that most consumers hold opinions on the
brand that range from apathetic to downright negative.

Automotive News says that while West Coast buyers have little idea of
what Buick means as a brand, mid-westerners remember the malaise days
of Tri-Shield engineering better than most. Buick's new campaign
should kick off later this month with the launch of the Moment of
Truth site.

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