98 Taurus Power Windows

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Paul A. Valentine

Mar 27, 2001, 5:46:06 PM3/27/01
My 98 Taurus power windows seem to have a mind of their own about wheather
or not to work ! Both rear windows are on an extended vacation right now.
The drivers window takes a brief break occasionally. I feel sure that power
is getting to the motors because when the lights are on and the engine is
idling, or off, and I push the down button I can see a slight dimming of the
dash or radio lights.
Is this a common problem with this car?
I've wondered if the window gearing is too high for the motor power, because
when they are working, they seem to move faster than windows on previous
cars I've owned. I've wondered if, because of high gearing and inadequate
power, or weak capacitor, they can't overcome a little "sticking"???
Thanks in advance for the benefit of any experience, or suggestions.


Mar 27, 2001, 7:23:15 PM3/27/01
to Paul A. Valentine
You do know that the windows(rear) on this car does not go all the way
dowm, we have a 96 Contour and i did replace the front passenger side as
it was sticking, hope you dont have our problem, the cable in the
assembly slipped or wore out of the plastic regularor and had to be
replaced. have to take all the door apart, take out glass, then three
bolts to hold the new window regulator($140) motor was good, just could
not get the cable to go back, the old one could come apart and it seemed
like i could just replace the cable, tried bicycle cable, motorcycle
shop cable, nothing worked, broke down and went to dealer, they dont
sell just the cable, the new regular comes with motor and all, the new
unit is sealed, you cannot service the new one...hope this helps.
Oh, if you have trouble taking apart the inside door, get some jewelers
screw driver like at radio shack or the dollar store, you will need them
to pull the plastic plugs out of the inside area of the door like the
door handles, etc to get to the screws that hold the door panel in
place, on the front door you also have to take out the rear view mirror
to allow the door glass to pass out of the panel, on the rear doors i
guess you have to take off the black plastic piece that covers the area
behind the glass??? to get the glass out to get the parts out to replace
them??? hope this helps. You might get the haynes book for your car as
it might have this info in it, it had it for the contour.....

Tom Adkins

Mar 27, 2001, 8:30:16 PM3/27/01
Hi Paul,
This is a common problem on later Tauruses (Tauri?) The only cure is to
replace the motors, they stick internally just enough that they won't work.
The dimming of the lights proves continuity through the motor. A temporary
fix, and I use that term loosly, is to hold the button in the down position
and sharply rap the door(inside,lower center) with a stiff rubber mallet a
couple of times then work the window up and down a few times. I usually use
the side of my closed fist but....Crude but effective. I've tried cleaning
and lubing the regulators and even the internals on the gears with no long
term success.


"Paul A. Valentine" <hogl...@airmail.net> wrote in message

Paul A. Valentine

Mar 28, 2001, 5:46:04 PM3/28/01
Tom's reply about my power window Problem worked. I whacked the doors
sharply, as he said, while holding the button down, and it what do you know,
the windows started working again!
Thanks Tom.

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