Here is the proof that we can build time vehicles which defeat the death and allow us to live forever - but I need assistance in completing this invention (JP)

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Oct 28, 2008, 10:51:42 PM10/28/08
In 1985 the "theory of everything" was developed called the Concept of
Dipolar Gravity (see the description of it provided on the totaliztic
web page "dipolar_gravity.htm") which, amongst others, told us how to
take time under our control. If we follow this theory, by time when 23
years later I was writing these words in 2008, the human race would
already defeat the death and people could live forever. People could
also repair all their past errors. This is because the theory
indicates how to build time vehicles which allow us to shift our time
back. In turn when we have such time vehicles, then each time after we
get old and we are close to death, we could shift ourselves back in
time and become young again. Also each time we make an error, we could
shift back in time and repair it. Unfortunately, people have chosen to
ignore my theory and to make constructing my inventions impossible -
instead of helping me in my creative efforts. So instead of repetitive
shifting to our past and living forever, now we can only read from the
totaliztic web page "timevehicle.htm" how to do this, and we can only
imagine this wonderful technical device, which on every our wish is
able to shift us in time to any moment of our own life - under the
condition, however, that previously we already lived through this
moment. This moment can lie both in our past, as well as in our
future. (In order it lies in our future, we must earlier shift back in
time with the use of this device.) This device allows us also to slow
down the speed of elapse of our time. For example, we can slow down
our time so much, that when our surrounding experiences just a
fraction of second, we ourselves would experience equivalent of
several hours. In this way we would be able to catch and to carry in
our bear hands e.g. red-hot iron bars, because for this iron too short
span of time would elapse to be able to pass to us enough heat to burn
our hands. This wonder device would also allow us to accelerate our
elapse of time, so that between two our heartbeats, in the surrounding
e.g. several hours would pass. In this way we could e.g. pretend to be
dead, while in fact we are going to be equally alive and active as
normal. Similarly like with ourselves, this device would also allow
all other people and all other permanent objects to shift in time.
Furthermore, in order to make the use of it easier, this device could
be assembled in a form of a flying vehicle called the
"Magnocraft" (see the description of it provided on the totaliztic web
page "magnocraft.htm"). In this way, with the Magnocraft, we would be
able to not only travel in time, but also travel in space. This
extraordinary device is the "time vehicle" which I would build by now
- if I was given a chance. The web page "timevehicle.htm" tries to
explain most vital principles, scientific facts, and findings
regarding my time vehicles which I could build for the humanity by now
if I was given the help from the beginning of my struggles.

Here is how each one of us can see with own eyes that time flows in
jumps (i.e. time has a discrete character), and thus that my findings
regarding the possibility to build time vehicles and to live forever
are correct and can be implemented technically:

YES, in fact there is a commonly accessible proof for the possibility
of shifting time back. Every reader can see this proof with his or her
own eyes and in a natural daylight. In order to see it, it is enough
to find some spinning object which is accelerating from zero to the
velocity of around 1800 flickers per second, and which has some
spokes, holes, wings, propellers, unevenness, lines, etc., the
increasingly faster flickering of which we are able to see with our
own eyes in a daylight. For example, this object can be a gradually
accelerating propeller of an airplane or blades of the entrance
turbine in a jet engine just being started, a hole in a belt pulley
from a three-phase electric motor which accelerates a heavy farm
machinery - and thus which gradually increases its spinning from zero
to a typical for such motors speed of 1800 rev/min, a wheel of a car
that is overtaking us, and even spokes from the back wheel of our
bicycle placed on a floor with wheels pointed upwards and gradually
accelerated by someone when we are tentatively watching it. Well, if
we carefully watch such slowly accelerating spinning object, then we
should see a strange change of its direction of rotation. Namely,
initially our eyes are to notice clearly in which direction it is
spinning. But at some stage of the acceleration our eyes are to tell
us that the spinning of this object firstly stopped, and then reversed
direction in relation to reality. This visual impression taking place
in daylight, that the direction of spinning of a gradually accelerated
object is opposite to the real direction of its spin, is the proof
that time passes in jumps - as the Concept of Dipolar Gravity
describes this to us (see the description of it provided on the
totaliztic web page "dipolar_gravity.htm"), and thus also the proof
that time vehicles can be build. More information about this visual
proof that time passes in jumps is explained in item #D2 of the web
page "god_proof.htm" - with the review of scientific proofs for the
existence of God.

It is enough learn two things in order to understand why exactly this
visual impression that spinning objects rotate backward is the proof
that time can be shifted back (and thus that time vehicles can be
build and that through repetitive shifting time back to years of our
youth we could live forever). Namely learn (1) the use of so-called
"stroboscopic lamps" for visual stopping or for changing the direction
of rotation of spinning objects, and (2) the principle on which time
works. The use of stroboscopic lamps is described in many sources,
e.g. in Internet, in manuals for repair of cars, and in textbooks of
physics. So I am NOT going to repeat it here. In turn to understand
the principle on which time works, one needs to read to the end of
item #C1 from my web page "timevehicle.htm", or even better - to the
end of item #G4 from the web page "dipolar_gravity.htm" - about the
Concept of Dipolar Gravity. When reading in there about time, we will
learn that time in fact is the passage of execution control along the
natural program of our life. This program is composed of sequences of
individual commands - like present computer programs also are. So the
execution control completes a command after a command in a jumping
manner. Thus, when we look at a spinning object, the completion of
each of these commands in our life program is like a single flash from
a stroboscopic lamp beamed at a spinning object. So if this object
spins very fast, then the completion of a single command from our life
program shows this object to us just only in a specific position.
Therefore, when the frequency of flickering of spokes in this spinning
object is close to the frequency of completion of individual commands
in our life program, then both these frequencies begin to interfere
with each other - we see this interference as an apparent reversal of
the direction of spin of the object being watched. A similar effect,
only that seen exclusively in darkness - instead in the daylight, is
simulated in spinning objects through the use of "stroboscopic

After the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explained to us what is time (see
the description of it provided on the totaliztic web page
"dipolar_gravity.htm"), how time works, and what commonly-known and
accessible proof each one amongst us can see to obtain the assurance
that these explanations are true, it should become easy for us to
understand that shifting time back is possible and relatively easy.
After all, in order to shift our time back it is enough to catch this
execution control and to move it to the initial part of the program of
our life. In turn the device capable to accomplish this is already
known. It is the so-called "Oscillatory Chamber of the third
generation" (see the description of it provided on the totaliztic web
page "oscillatory_chamber.htm") - which I would constructed many years
ago if not these hordes of hostile people who did everything in their
power to prevent me from building this wonder device.

So let us now learn regularities which emerge from analyses of earlier
human inventions - which now allow us to understand better "what is
going on" with the invention of time vehicles described on this web

In my research to-date I carried numerous in-depth analyses of
principles and regularities which rule over inventiveness. Because of
these analyses I discovered e.g. the so-called "cyclic principle"
described in chapter B and in subsection K1 from volumes 2 and 10 of
monograph [1/4] (distributed free of charge from the web page
"text_1_4.htm"). Also from these analyses emerged the principle
described in subsection JB7.3 from volume 7 of monograph [1/4],
stating that "every invention can be completed in the duration of life
of its inventor". Let us list below these amongst such regularities
which are to allow us to understand better what really is "going on"
with the invention of time vehicles described here:

1. The development of our awareness never exceeds the level of our
technical and scientific capabilities. Expressing this in other words,
everything that we invent, we are also able to build already in times
when we invented it - but only if our contemporaries allow us to build
it. A best proof for this fact is the "hang-glider" invented already
by Leonardo Da Vinci, which, however, was constructed only in present
times - because other people would NOT allow the inventor to build it
in times when it was invented. If we check materials and design of
present hang-gliders, then we clearly can see that already in times of
Leonardo Da Vinci it could be constructed - if people would allow it
then to be build. In turn we do NOT need to explain where would be the
humanity today if hang-gliders were already then lifting people to the

2. Our universe is so organised, that everything what can be invented
can also be constructed. Proofs and justifications of this fact are
described in subsections JB7.3 and I5.4 from volumes respectively 7
and 5 of monograph [1/5] (distributed free of charge from the web page

3. The success with constructing a given invention is accomplished
only when (a) people from the society close to the inventor are ready
for accepting this invention, and when (b) the required number of
sympathetic people from the surrounding of the inventor support his
activities. In turn when these other people are NOT ready for
accepting the invention and for giving the inventor their support and
approval, then the invention either cannot be constructed, or its
completion will be wasted. An excellent example for this is the
airplane of a New Zealander named Richard Pearce (see the description
of it provided on the totaliztic web page "mozajski_uk.htm"). This
airplane was even build and flown. But other New Zealanders so
tormented the inventor, that they drove him to the mental hospital -
so that he was unable to disseminate his invention nor e.g. implement
it to a factory production.

4. If someone displays extraordinary perseverance and still completes
his invention in spite that people from his society are NOT ready for
accepting it, then this invention is wasted and never enters the
permanent accomplishments of the humanity. Especially large number of
cases when just this has happened exist in New Zealand - as examples
see the invention described on the web page "boiler.htm". and also
inventions discussed in item #H1 of the web page

5. Every invention is so granted, that the inventor of it is able to
complete it within the duration of his life - if only other people
support this inventor in his efforts.

6. The creative completion of the invention, which original inventors
are capable to accomplish within several years, other people typically
extend to hundreds of years. A perfect example of this regularity is
the so-called "Zhang Heng seismograph" - described on the totaliztic
web page "seismograph.htm" and also described, amongst others, in my
conference paper available from the address
. It warns about the impending earthquake a long time in advance
before this earthquake strikes. The original inventor completed it
within a few years. The rest of humanity is unable to rebuild it
within almost two thousands of years.

7. All inventions created in "their actual time" always contain
knowledge which exceeds significantly the knowledge of people
considering themselves to be "experts" in a given area. After all, the
very nature of inventions is such that the inventor must be fluent in
the knowledge which remains unknown to other so-called "experts", and
also he must see details which other people overlook. Furthermore,
some requirements of formal "expertise", e.g. the so-called "peer
reviews", kill in experts the ability for creative and unbiased
thinking. This is why on the back cover of the book [2P4] by Richard
Milton, "Forbidden Science", Fourth Estate (6 Salem Road, London W2
4BU), London, 1994, ISBN 1-85702-302-1, 265 pages, pb., is stated,
amongst others - quote: "'In this fascinating and well-argued book,
Richard exposes a curious feature of many professional scientists:
they are averse to new ideas' - Focus."). In turn inferior knowledge
of other "experts" cause that they always viciously, although without
justification, attack and criticise a given invention. Only inventions
constructed with a long time delay (e.g. the "hang-glider" mentioned
before) have time to become known, thus can avoid attacks and vigorous

The above should be complemented with following two "regularities",

8. The official human science developed such a subculture and such
mechanisms of acting (e.g. these "peer reviews" mentioned before),
that there is NO chance that other scientists ever undertake the
construction of time vehicles. So if I do NOT build time vehicle in
the duration of my life, or at least do NOT direct this construction
at a correct path, then hundreds of years must pass before someone on
the Earth will be ready for attempting this building again. (Probably
I myself will be forced to be born again on the Earth to finish the
work which I initiated in my present life.) For example I never
encountered a present scientist who would support the construction of
such noble and futuristic although simple and elementary device as the
"Telepathic Pyramid" (see the description of it provided on the
totaliztic web page "telepathy.htm") - which would allow invalids with
speech difficulties to communicate just through thoughts. After all,
the principle of operation of this pyramid utilises telepathic waves -
which similarly like "time vehicles" described here, also are a kind
of "taboo" for present scientists.

9. Judging on the volume of my accomplishments since 1985 (when I
comprehended the principle on which time works and thus started the
process of inventing time vehicles described here) we can be sure that
if then I would receive from others the help that I need, until today
I would build time vehicles. About my creative potential perfectly
certifies the large number of extraordinary devices which I managed to
invent, discoveries which I accomplished, theories of the type
"paradigm shift" which I developed, proofs for the correctness of my
findings which I identified and pointed to others, and scientific
monographs which I managed to write. And we must remember that I was
forced to create all these in hugely hostile conditions in which other
people would probably just sit and cry, and which (conditions) very
cautiously and briefly are mentioned, amongst others, on the web page
"pajak_jan_uk.htm" - about myself, means my autobiography. After all,
in the country I was born they tried to shoot me, in turn in the
country I escaped to they do not have work for me for a majority of
time, nor even consider me eligible for a dole. Thus, instead of
creating, discovering, inventing, researching, constructing, and
making progress, to which obviously I have in-born inclinations, the
majority of my energy and time I was (and still am) forced to waste on
seeking jobs or on wander throughout the world to earn for a slice of
bread. Also the majority of what I created I was forced to develop
while vegetating in a leaking flat only slightly larger than an
average lift, not having at home even a good screwdriver, not even
dreaming of having an Internet, and while with growing horror I spend
each cent from my savings - as I may need it even more in my older

So try to help me actively already now, so that when your life comes
close to the end, you will NOT be sorry that you ignored my appeals
for help in the completion of time vehicles - which by pressing a
button would shift you back to years of your youth and allow you to
enjoy life forever!

The present "television-based" way of living taught us impassivity and
exclusion from all proofs and from everything that happens in the
distant world. After all, continually there is a war somewhere and
always people die - but we do NOT have influence on it. Continually
someone works on a new medicine - but we have not "caught" yet this
particular disease. Somewhere is possible to earn millions - but we
can't be there. Etc., etc. So when we hear about a next "distant"
development, i.e. about the "time vehicle", then we also treat it with
equal passiveness and exclusion. We consider this vehicle to be just a
"private business" of some Jan Pajak - while we do NOT have anything
to do with it. However, the reality turns out to be exactly opposite.
The time vehicle is NOT just a private business of Jan Pajak, but an
important business of each inhabitant of the Earth. After all, it is
going to allow us to defeat the death. In turn every inhabitant of the
Earth one day is going to be on the so-called "dead-bed". Also
everyone must finally give to death all these ones whom he or she
loves the most. Thus everyone who then recalls that much earlier could
actually help me to build the time vehicle - which by pressing a
button would shift him and people most close to him back to years of
their youth and allow them to enjoy life forever, will be very sorry
that had not helped this Jan Pajak. Therefore, you should try to save
yourself from this indescribable sorrow that is to come at the time of
death. Do not wait until it is going to be too late. Begin to help
already now. After all, even if you are poor like a church mouse, and
have NO influence at any decision, you still have eyes which are able
to see proofs that I am describing here, rational thinking which allow
you to appreciate these proofs, and also have fingers capable of
pointing these proofs to other people. You still have mouth capable of
convincing, logic that allows you to detect, disclose, and fight out
unjustified attacks on my accomplishments, constructive mind that can
deduce how to effectively help me, and a pen capable to act at a
distance. So even without our meeting and direct support, you still
can help me indirectly, e.g. through just preparing people for the
acceptance of the idea of this revolutionary invention and by creation
of the atmosphere in which it is the people's common wish that my time
vehicles are build.

The explanations presented above are adopted from part #A of the
totaliztic web page "timevehicle.htm", update of 27 October 2008, or
later. The latest update of this web page should be available from
several web sites of totalizm. One amongst these web sites is " " - which is available under the address and which always presents (just
for brief periods of time) the most recently updated web page of
totalizm. Other web sites which have the page "timevehicle.htm"
include , , and .

It is also worth to know that practically all totaliztic web pages are
available at each address (server) of totalizm. Therefore
independently from the web page "evil.htm", each address (server)
linked from here should also offer all other web pages of totalizm -
unless some of these pages were sabotaged, or are so new that I had no
time yet to upload these at a given address (server). (But in a case
when for some reasons a page is unavailable under a given address,
still at this address a MENU should be available which has links to
other addresses (servers) of totalizm, on which a given web page
should already be accessible.) Thus, if someone wishes to view
descriptions from any other totaliztic web page, e.g. from a web page
listed in this post, or listed in other totaliztic posts, then in the
above addresses the name "evil.htm" is just enough to exchange for a
name of the web page that he or she wishes to view, e.g. for the name
of web page "oscillatory_chamber.htm", "eco_cars.htm", "boiler.htm",
"fe_cell.htm", "free_energy.htm", "telekinetics.htm",
"dipolar_gravity.htm", "nirvana.htm", "totalizm.htm", "evil.htm",
"god.htm", "god_proof.htm", "bible.htm", "evolution.htm",
"wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm", "malbork_uk.htm", "memorial.htm",
"newzealand.htm", "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm", "fruit.htm",
"text_1_5.htm", "explain.htm", "day26.htm", "ufo_proof.htm",
"katrina.htm", etc., etc.

If here the above text is difficult to read, or links from it refuse
to work, then it is worth to know that this post is repeated on
several blogs of totalizm, subsequent ones amongst which can be
accessed at following internet addresses:
On these blogs it is also worth to read the previous post number
#159E, which contains another presentation of the visual proof that
time passes in jumps (i.e. that time has a discrete nature). Thus, the
content of the previous post complements the content of this post.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak


Oct 28, 2008, 10:57:26 PM10/28/08
to wrote in news:3ba5a407-8712-4257-8ee7-7cfed30021f8

> Unfortunately, people have chosen to
> ignore my theory and to make constructing my inventions impossible -
> instead of helping me in my creative efforts.

Sad . . . the way the world treats nuts as if they were nuts.

Enkidu AA#2165
EAC Chaplain and ordained minister,
ULC, Modesto, CA

"What was it that Adam ate that he wasn't supposed to eat? It wasn't just
an apple. It was the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The
subtle message? 'Get smart and I'll fuck you over' sayeth the Lord. God is
the smartest, and he doesn't want any Competition. Is this not an
absolutely anti-intellectual religion?"
- - Frank Zappa

ABC 123 ♪♫♫♪♪♪♪♫♫♫♫♪♫

Oct 29, 2008, 12:07:28 AM10/29/08
Come on guys, youre missing a great chance, any post that is so long
and logically thought out must be true.


Where do I send the money?

Can you send me change from a Zimbabwe Billion Dollar Note?


Oct 29, 2008, 12:56:48 AM10/29/08
to wrote:

Time machine huh? Let me know when i can have my 5 minutes back.


Oct 29, 2008, 3:53:06 AM10/29/08
"ABC 123 ?????????????" <> wrote in message

Can we have the change in Americam housing value please :)

John Baker

Oct 29, 2008, 5:28:48 AM10/29/08
On Tue, 28 Oct 2008 19:51:42 -0700 (PDT), wrote:

>Unfortunately, people have chosen to
>ignore my theory and to make constructing my inventions impossible -

Because you're a fucking loony.

Now piss off.

Lu R

Oct 29, 2008, 6:44:17 AM10/29/08

<> wrote in message


Oct 29, 2008, 9:13:03 AM10/29/08

"jackbadger56" <> wrote in message

> Time machine huh? Let me know when i can have my 5 minutes back.

You reposted all that shit to make a one line reply? FFS.


Oct 29, 2008, 5:49:49 PM10/29/08
On Oct 30, 2:13 am, "Kwyjibo" <> wrote:

> You reposted all that shit to make a one line reply? FFS.

NO, in my original post I presented a verifable poof that time elepses
in jumps hoping for a constructive discussion. Everyone can see my
proof, everyone can also verify its merit. However, there are these
strange characters working in internet, who have nothing constructive
to say, so thay just spit, throw mud, and swear. One needs to pity our
civilisation that has internet, but it is terrorised by creatures like
these and no constructive discussion seems to be allowed. To be even
more strange, these ptrofessional dirt throwers who try to turn
internet into a gutter seem to be well organised and well paid - as I
explained this on my thread

Anyway, if you have any constructive comments, e.g. can measure the
frequency at which time flickers for yourself, and thus can tell us
this frequency, then please write again. Spitting and swearing does
NOT help in the building time vehicles at all.


Oct 29, 2008, 5:59:38 PM10/29/08
On Oct 30, 12:13 am, "Kwyjibo" <> wrote:
> "jackbadger56" <> wrote in message

> > Time machine huh? Let me know when i can have my 5 minutes back.
> You reposted all that shit to make a one line reply? FFS.

I hit 'reply' and just typed FFS. Need scroll-wheel instructions?

> --
> Kwyj.


Oct 30, 2008, 2:35:06 AM10/30/08
"Kwyjibo" <> wrote in message
> Kwyj.

You bottom posted an equal waste of our time? FFS


Oct 30, 2008, 6:15:46 AM10/30/08

"jackbadger56" <> wrote in message

Nope, but you clearly need del key instructions.


Oct 30, 2008, 8:59:56 PM10/30/08
On Oct 29, 8:53 pm, "RainbowWarrior" <>

> > Where do I send the money?
Help is NOT just about money. To help means to assist e.g. in research
(for example by measuring the frequencies at which various people
experience the apparent reversal of rotation in spinning objects), the
approving atmosphere, the dissemination of the information, and many
other actions. As you see from comments on this thread, many people
are NOT ready for the idea of time vehicles. In turn when they are NOT
ready, they will NOT allow to build these wonder machines. Also we
have a lot of strange individuals whose only goal in life is to spit
at accomplishements of others - you can see many of these commenting
here. Such "NO-oriented" people need to be convinced by someone that
they are wrong - you could also help in this convincing. As I wrote in
the original post, you have mind to invent how you can help. At this
stage moral help would be more valuable than any other kind of it.

Felix Dzherzhinsky

Nov 5, 2008, 10:25:55 AM11/5/08
You presented as proof an optical illusion. You thus showed all readers that
your 'theory' is naught but mumbo-jumbo.That effect has nothing to do with
'time flowing in jumps' and has everything to do with the way the human eye
sees interrupted images. If you truly believe this illusion is 'proof' of
your theory, then you are deluding yourself and everyone else that read your
long winded and uninformative post.

That bit on the end asking for 'assistance' just makes the whole thing sound
like a Nigerian Scam played to a different tune.

<> wrote in message

On Oct 30, 2:13 am, "Kwyjibo" <> wrote:
> You reposted all that shit to make a one line reply? FFS.

NO, in my original post I presented a verifable poof that time elepses
in jumps hoping for a constructive discussion.


Felix Dzherzhinsky

Nov 5, 2008, 10:35:05 AM11/5/08
Now if i can just figure out why this reply didnt go where i intended it to

"Felix Dzherzhinsky" <> wrote in message

Nov 12, 2008, 8:39:05 PM11/12/08
On Nov 6, 4:35 am, "Felix Dzherzhinsky" <>

> > You presented as proof an optical illusion. You thus showed all readers
> > that your 'theory' is naught but mumbo-jumbo.That effect has nothing to do
> > with 'time flowing in jumps' and has everything to do with the way the
> > human eye sees interrupted images.- Hide quoted text -
What intrigues me most, is how you, means Felix Dzherzhinsky, survived
until today, when we remember you from times of the October
Revolution. Are you immortal? If so, instead of denying of whatever I
am writing about, you better disclose to us at least some details of
your own time vehicle - e.g. does it works in the same way as it is
explained for my time vehicles!

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

P.S. The matter of immortality I am elaborating a bit wider on the web
page "immortality.htm" - which is available, amongst others, at the

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