The language of physics (was: Refractive Index of the Quantum Vacuum)

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Jan 7, 2000, 3:00:00 AM1/7/00
Ryan Baer wrote [translated by z@z]:

: Non-integer spin angels, such as archangels and archdevils (both virtual
: and real), are composed of integer spin ghosts. In other words, the REAL
: archangel is a toroidal/double axis spin of (stable) rotating toroidal
: good/bad fairies, known as virtual archangels/archdevils. Thus,
: angels (both virtual and real) are ultimately composed of
: good/bad fairies. The archangel/archdevil (both virtual and real) is
: ultimately a construct of microspirits.
: In summary, the real archangel is composed of "pseudo-angels" (double
: axis rotations of ghosts (good/bad fairy pairs) in a toroidal
: topology). I believe that the "good/bad fairies" are actually
: composed of "pseudo-angels", or virtual archdevil/archangel pairs (which
: are again composed of "ghosts", which are actually composed of
: pseudo-angels). It is conceivable that there are no true ghosts or
: angels. Rather there is only an infinitely alternating regression of
: pseudo-angels" composed of "pseudo-ghosts".

Glossary of translated words:

boson = ghost
fermion = angel
electron = archangel
positron = archdevil
photon = good fairy
anti-photon = bad fairy
gravitons = microspirits

Even if the original post should be meant as a joke, there are lots of
serious texts which are quite similar.

Wolfgang Gottfried G. (0:005.99)

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