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United Nations Politics have failed. (Immigration leading to World War 3)

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Skybuck Flying

Jan 21, 2024, 1:21:06 PMJan 21
Welcome to a political message on 21 january 2024.

It is becoming apperent the United Nations Politics to prevent World War 3 have failed/back fired.

I will explain in short steps what happened/how this came to be and what the consequences will be.

Step 1. World War 2 happened for various reasons, possibly economical too.

Step 2. The United Nations was founded to prevent World War 3.

Step 3. The United Nations started politics of "immigration" trying to mix the people of the world into one big happy family.

Step 4. This has now backfired across Europe and the United States. People are angry for the lack of housing, the lack of appartments, rising energy costs, rising food prices, rising everything (product prices) it seems.

Step 5. United Nations tried to "seize" the land of Farmers to build more houses, more appartments. This has backfired across Europe. Starting in the Netherlands and now flaming across Germany and France. The farmers ain't as stupid as the United Nations thought, they have completed under estimated the smartness of Farmers, running a farm ain't easy you know ! ;)
The farmers have resisted the seisure of their lands, they know it is a threat to their daughters and sons future !

Step 6. The population sides with the farmers, because the farmers are ultimately who feed them.

Step 7. The population of Europe is starting to vote more right, far right and extreme right.
Voting for parties who:

Step 7.1 Protect farmers, out of fear of famine.

Step 7.2 Are anti-immigration.

and possible even

Step 7.3 Expel immigrations from their lands (this is what is to come, a prediction for the future).

Apperently the only hope that the United Nations has to "combat" this is to actually start World War 3 and send a lot of men into their deaths. They have failed to take the farmers land, now they are trying to take your lives, by throwing them away against Russian forces, possibly even Chinese forces.

This video is to wake you up ! To not let it/that happen ! It will be terrible ! The time to rise up against this terrible idea of World War 3 is right now.

Unfortunately many people are "netflixxed" sucked into fantasy land/unreality... and might miss what is actually going on right now...

This video is for them to summon it up and to give them a short overview of what has happened and what might come...

I hope a more peacefull solution will be found, it's starting to look grim...

I hope you enjoyed this text message somewhat ! Take care ! ;)

Bye for now,

Nick Charles

Jan 22, 2024, 1:52:23 PMJan 22
On 1/21/2024 1:21 PM, Skybuck Flying wrote:
> Welcome to a political message on 21 january 2024.

Welcome to the loony bin. What does any of this paranoid drivel have
to do with Astronomy?

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