The Moon and Astrology (and the World) - Part 3

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Dec 28, 2014, 11:50:11 AM12/28/14
(continued from part 2)

*The Moon and the World (or Prague and Sedna)*

Since the discovery of Uranus, the sections in history until the
discovery of the next planet have been connected with the previous one.
Like Enlightenment, revolutions and railways with Uranus, photography
and oil/automobile with Neptune, atomic bombs and more with Pluto.

Now, since summer 2005 at the astronomy world congress in Prague (!)
Pluto is officially-astronomically no longer a planet (which was from a
purely astronomically-scientifically standpoint unavoidable). The must
have ended the period of Pluto.

So, what after that?

Well I say, just as Pluto was as the first object in its distance
formative for its epoch, today it is the first object discovered in
sphere further beyond, namely Sedna, which was discovered in autumn

If you extend planetary rulerships, Uranus got one star sign from
Saturn, Neptune from Jupiter, Pluto from Mars. Thus Sedna would get a
star sign from Venus, I presume that Venus would rather keep the female
sign Taurus and Sedna would get Libra (totally or partially, however you
want to see it).

And Sedna is at the moment in the last decan of Taurus (and that still
for a while, since very far away and thus slow, even if at the moment
relatively close to the sun).

This suggests that in current times money would be very important, more
important than whether you have atomic bombs or not. This would be a
good fit with current times to me. Also that (like Sedna in Inuit
mythology) you have somehow no hands with which you could have an effect
on society, that you instead often somehow have to adapt to a relatively
stubborn but also often benevolent care in some areas.

I see that also from the point of view of Artemis or from Prague: All
the suffering that Pluto brought with WWII and the Holocaust and
afterwards with the cold war, not least to Prague, Prague/Artemis
"wanted" to change by creating a more and more matriarchal world, where
passive power is stronger (than active one).

It is in the lunar nature of it, that even if I was correct with a
"Sedna Epoch of World History", that might remain hidden.

Happy 2015 everybody!


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