OCD study - peculiarity in Moon signs

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Nov 23, 2010, 12:47:03 PM11/23/10
Some of you might remember that I've been doing a bit of research into the
astrological signs of OCD. I've now got over 50 birth charts of people with
OCD, 36 of them timed. I'm still hoping to have these comprehensively
analysed with Jigsaw or some similar program, which would find all features
that were significantly over-represented. So far it hasn't happened, but I
recently installed a program called ZET, which will search a set of charts
for those with a specified feature. So I've been doing a little piecemeal
research of my own.

One of the most marked and puzzling features I've stumbled on so far
concerns Moon signs. 21 charts have the Moon in Leo, Virgo or Libra,
including 15 of the timed charts. The chance level, of course, would be 9
timed charts and 12.75 altogether. Ray Murphy spotted this last year; but
the same feature shows up in the charts collected since then. I admit that
it conveys nothing to me at all! Can anyone else think of any reason?

The numbers of charts with the Moon in each individual sign are: Leo 8, Vir
7, Lib 6, Sco 5, Sag 5, Ari 5, Can 5, Tau 3, Gem 3, Cap 2, Pis 1, Aqu 0.

Other oddments: Pisces is the commonest Sun-sign, with 10 out of 51. This
makes some sense, given that, allegedly, most people with OCD are quite
self-sacrificing and concerned about other people's welfare, and this often
becomes the theme of their OCD.

I found out in how many charts each planet received more oppositions and
squares than trines and sextiles. Venus was the worst by some distance,
with 38 charts out of 51. The other figures for this were (Moon 30), Jup
29, Sat 29, Mer 28, Ura 28, Mar 27, Sun 24, Plu 16 and Nep 13.
I've seen an association between Venus and OCD mentioned before:
In fact I came across another feature involving Venus: 16 of the charts had
Venus in Earth, 17 in Water, making 37 out of 51 with Venus in a "negative"
sign. Any thoughts on this?

A. B.
My e-mail address is zen177395 at zendotcodotuk, though I don't check that
account very often.


Nov 24, 2014, 2:20:03 PM11/24/14
I enjoyed your study. I have OCD. I am also bipolar and have ADHD. I was wondering if OCD was a Mercury retrograde thing. Have you looked at that possibility in your charts? I know some famous known OCD charts do not have it, but I am curious about this.


Jan 5, 2015, 9:50:02 AM1/5/15

Did you try to identify important planets in the charts?

What signs are intercepted? What planets are in intercepted signs?

Analyzing transits can emphasize what natal planets were activated when the problem appeared.

Fear, anxiety are related with Pisces, Neptune, Cancer, Moon.

Repetitions are related to Virgo, Capricorn, Saturn.

Obsessions are related to Scorpio, Pluto and Lilith.

Planets that are conjunct to or square to South Node have a negative impact in the sense that there's too much of it.

I don't think simple statistics will work. It's too superficial. You need to rely on very strict rules of interpretation if you want to achieve deep scientific results (like "any planet conjunct with Sun is important" or "planets not important based on the mentioned rules will not be taken into consideration").

What I would do: take one case, analyze the story, interpret the chart, find if there is a real correlation, establish a hypothesis and check other charts to see if I can find the same pattern. Then I would realize it's not enough and continue with the next chart to find a better pattern.

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