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Gary Buell

Jan 21, 2004, 3:18:48 PM1/21/04
In January I posted this and would like to add a few comments:

One week ago I received an email from Shawn Phillips, son of the late
novelist James Atlee Phillips, and nephew of the late spy David Atlee
Phillips. This is what Shawn Phillips had to say:

The "Confession", you refer to was not in so many words as such. I cannot
remember the time frames involved, but this was what was told to me by my
father, James Atlee Phillips, who is deceased.

He said that David had called him with reference to his (Davids),
invitation to a dinner, by a man who was purportedly writing a book on the
CIA. At this dinner, was also present a man who was identified only as the
"Driver". David told Jim that he knew the man was there to identify him as
Raul Salcedo, whose name you should be familiar with, if your research is
accurate in this matter. David then told Jim that he had written a letter
to the various media, as a "Preemptive Strike" , against any and all
allegations about his involvement in the JFK assassination. Jim knew that
David was the head of the "Retired Intelligence Officers of the CIA", or
some such organization, and that he was extremely critical of JFK, and his
policies. Jim knew at that point, that David was in some way, seriously
involved in this matter and he and David argued rather vehemently,
resulting in a silent hiatus between them that lasted almost six years
according to Jim. Finally, as David was dying of irreversible lung cancer,
he called Jim and there was apparently no reconciliation between them, as
Jim asked David pointedly, "Were you in Dallas on that day"? David said,
"Yes", and Jim hung the phone up.

End quote. I had contacted Shawn, a musician, through his manager who had
relayed my email. This is the first that I have ever heard about the
possibility that David Phillips may have used the alias Raul Salcedo.

Update: When I first posted this I did not realize that Richard Case
Nagell had years earlier mentioned a "Raul" as being involved in the
assassination but would not identify who he was. This information was in
the first edition of Dick Russell's book The Man Who Knew Too Much

Also, Dick Russell has further corroborated Shawn Phillip's account in a
phone conversation he had with him in 2003. This information is in the
revised edition of his book.


Jan 21, 2004, 5:25:13 PM1/21/04

>Jim asked David pointedly, "Were you in Dallas on that day"? David said,
>"Yes", and Jim hung the phone up.

If you want to find out where Phillips was that day, ask his first wife.

I don't think Phillips was in Dallas on 11/22/63.

Deb Bert

Jan 22, 2004, 11:29:42 AM1/22/04
On 1/21/04 4:25 PM, in article 20040121155358...@mb-m12.aol.com,
"Altasrecrd" <altas...@aol.comnojunk> wrote:

Yes--ask the wife. Wives always tell the truth about the whereabouts of
their husbands. Howard Hunt's wife confirmed his whereabouts "that day" as
well--and she even did that after she was dead! Kewl trick, that one.



Jan 22, 2004, 8:59:36 PM1/22/04

The fact that you misrepresent events only shows your opinions to have no
merit and be unarguable.

>Deb Bert deb...@cox.net

Deb Bert

Jan 24, 2004, 12:17:38 AM1/24/04
On 1/22/04 7:59 PM, in article 20040122143233...@mb-m24.aol.com,
"Altasrecrd" <altas...@aol.comnojunk> wrote:

> The fact that you misrepresent events only shows your opinions to have no
> merit and be unarguable.

It's genuinely amazing what sneaks past the moderators now and then, isn't

Well, I believe *your* arguments to be completely without merit and
unworthy of any formal discussion.


Barb Junkkarinen

Jan 24, 2004, 2:47:04 PM1/24/04

Hi Gary,

I thought this confession of Phillips interesting so asked Gaeton
Fonzi about it .. hey, who better to ask about anything DAP, imo!

He says that he'd heard this before and doesn't quite know what to
make of it given that he has a hard time seeing DAP make even a
deathbed comment to his brother "considering his life indoctrination
and CIA DMAs. Most difficult to believe on that point is his mention
of the name Raul Salcedo. I keep thinking of what his ex-wife said:
'David lies in his sleep.' "

I guess that while I wouldn't expect DAP to tell the truth about
anything, there's no reason that I know of to think his brother would
lie .... let alone a lie that implicates his brother in the murder of
the century. So I dunno either ....

Barb :-)

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