De Gaulle's Observation

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Apr 10, 2021, 12:36:53 PMApr 10

After returning from Kennedy’s funeral, de Gaulle and his
information minister Alain Peyrefitte had a discussion recorded in
Peyrefitte’s memoire “C’était de

"...What happened to Kennedy is what nearly happened to me… His
story is the same as mine. … It looks like a cowboy story, but
it’s only an OAS [Secret Army Organization] story. The security
forces were in cahoots with the extremists.

…Security forces are all the same when they do this kind of dirty
work. As soon as they succeed in wiping out the false assassin, they
declare the justice system no longer need be concerned, that no further
public action was needed now that the guilty perpetrator was dead. Better
to assassinate an innocent man than to let a civil war break out. Better
an injustice than disorder.

America is in danger of upheavals. But you’ll see. All of them
together will observe the law of silence. They will close ranks.
They’ll do everything to stifle any scandal. They will throw
Noah’s cloak over these shameful deeds. In order to not lose face
in front of the whole world. In order to not risk unleashing riots in the
United States. In order to preserve the union and to avoid a new civil
war. In order to not ask themselves questions. They don’t want to
know. They don’t want to find out. They won’t allow
themselves to find out."

I don't necessarily go along with De Gaulle. After all his information on
the assassination would be hearsay. But i still think his rationalization
has some merit, that the Establishment would rather create a conspiracy
than to confess to any incompetence.


Apr 10, 2021, 7:33:05 PMApr 10
Similar to a lot of conspiracy hobbyist rhetoric, a lot of hot air that
doesn`t take you anywhere, provides no leads or anything of substance to
scrutinize. Just "this is how I think the forces in place operate or would

John Corbett

Apr 10, 2021, 10:05:18 PMApr 10
On Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 12:36:53 PM UTC-4, ajohnstone wrote:
A lot of people suspected a conspiracy after Ruby shot Oswald but the
evidence for such never panned out. The assassination of JFK has been the
most investigated crime in history both by official investigations and the
amateur sleuths yet in over 57 years no one has come up with a scrap of
credible evidence that anybody but Oswald took part in the crime. All the
evidence points to the assassination being a crime of opportunity
committed by a disgruntled little lose with a cheap imported rifle.

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