New Orleans and the 1959 World Youth Festival in Vienna

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Jerry Shinley

May 7, 2002, 12:05:49 PM5/7/02
In 1959, a New Orleans man, Richard C. Bell, in conjunction
with a Chicago group, organized a group of students to attend
the 1959 World Youth Conference in Vienna. His plans attracted
opposition from the local American Legion, especially Kent Courtney,
Festus Brown and James Pfister. The Legion organized a Free
Enterprise Seminar "to alert local college students to the dangers
involved in attending the communist-sponsored World Youth Festival
in Vienna." Speakers at the seminar include Guy Banister, Medford
Evans and Douglas Caddy. Bell and his group did make it to Vienna.

New Orleans Times-Picayune March 5, 1958 P41

Soviet Students Draft Exempt

Richard C. Bell, speech before Exchange Club

Bell visited 6th World Youth Festival in Moscow last
August as a state dept. observer

says best method of relieving tensions is further interchange
of travel and students

[Re: Moscow festival, see Morris and Mollie Block in HSCA
defector study: ]

May 7, 1958 P22

Foreign Policy [Association] Leaders Named
Mellin Chosen Head of N.O. Association

some FPA board members: Eberhard Deutsch, Richard Bell, Clay Shaw,
Rabbi Feibelman

[time passes...]

May 7, 1959 P38

N.O. Delegation Going to Vienna
Group Will Attend World Youth Festival

Richard C. Bell, southern director American Youth Festival

jazz band "The Last Straws"

May 9, 1959 P35

Plan to Attend Festival is Hit
To Be Use for Propaganda Aims - [American] Legion

Kent Courtney vs. Richard Bell

May 14, 1959 S2-P19

Foreign Policy Group Elects

FPA, Robert D. Hess, pres.

Richard Bell, Jesse Core, Clay Shaw

May 21, 1959 S1-P26

Legion to Warn of Red Festival
Louisiana Youths to Get Facts on Event

Festus J. Brown, Kent Courtney

May 31, 1959 S1-P24

'Free Enterprise Seminar' Nears

June 6

Festus Brown
Kent Courtney
W. Guy Banister
Medford Evans
George Schulz
Douglas Caddy, "Human Events"

want all young people planning to go to Vienna Festival to attend

June 5, 1959 S1-P11

Youth Seminar Speaker Named

Medford Evans

"to alert local college students to the dangers involved in
attending the communist-sponsored World Youth Festival in Vienna."

June 7, 1959 S1-P12

Hope Incentive Hailed by Evans
Free Enterprise Seminar Hears Professor

Dr. Medford Evans

Guy Banister on "Aesopian Language"

Douglas Caddy

June 18, 1959 S2-P6

Vienna Festival Motion Passed
YMBC Favors Individual Students Attending

Festus Brown opposed

Ivor Trapolin supported

June 21 1959 S2-P4

Views of Readers - Seminar Results
by James H. Pfister

Free Enterprise Seminar

100 attendees Vienna Youth Festival

some Tulane students changed mind about attending

July 19, 1959 S3-P13

Vienna Youth Rally Seen as Red Sounding Board

Vienna (AP)

Gloria Steinem, Leonard Bebchick

Independent Service for Information on the Vienna Youth Fest.

July 25, 1959 S1-P7

Legion Opposes Youth Festival

James Pfister, Festus Brown

"anyone attending will aid the communist cause"

July 28, 1959 S1-P8

17 Orleanians at Youth Rally
Hope to 'Sell America,' Says Richard Bell

American Youth Festival Organization, Chicago

Ernest Kinchen

July 28, 1959 S1-P8

Austria Youth Ask Lama's Aid
Anti-Reds in Drive on Youth Festival


Dalai Lama

July 30, 1959 S2-P2

Exhibit Taken to Festival by N.O. Group Refused
Red Officials at Vienna Claim Lack of Space

Richard Bell, jazz band

Aug 2, 1959 S1-P1

Group from City Fights Communism with Jazz
Plays Dixieland Music at Youth Festival


Richard C. Bell, Ernest Kinchen, Charles Jones

Aug 3, 1959 S1-P8

Anti-Red Roughed up in Youth Festival Parade
Slogans Stirs Anger of Pro-Communists


Aug 4, 1959 S1-P3

[Paul] Robeson Says Policy 'Fascist'
Singer Sees Good in Visit by Nixon


Richard Bell had quit festival in protest of beatings of
American delegates

Aug 5, 1959 S1-P11

Youth Festival in Vienna Ends
No Decisive Victory for Either East to West


Aug 21, 1959 S2-P2

Youth Festival Activities Told
Bell Relates Orleanians' Part in 'Unsuccess'

Sept 10, 1959 S1-P19

Bell Says Reds Lost at Vienna
Dillard Students Praised for Work

YMBC speech

March 12, 1960 S3-P2

Protest March's Leader Attended Festival -- [Leander H.] Perez

protest at Dillard

Ernest Kinchen attended Vienna Youth Festival

Perez speaking as lawyer for the Citizens Council of Greater N.O.

Andrew, John A.
The other side of the sixties : young Americans for
freedom and the rise of conservative politics / John
A. Andrew III.
New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c1997.

p. 66

"Born March 23, 1938 in Long Beach, California, [Douglas] Caddy
attended high school first in Houston, Texas and then
in New Orleans, where he graduated in 1956. Caddy had
admired Senator Joseph McCarthy, circulated petitions
supporting McCarthy's efforts in New Orleans while a
sophomore in high school, and was an inveterate writer
of letters to the editor in support of such
conservative causes as the Bricker Amendment. He later
became a volunteer worker for Phoebe and Kent
Courtney's early publication, Free Men Speak, which
grew out of that petition drive."

Caddy, Hunt and Watergate:

There's a mention of Bell in the Davy book.

Jerry Shinley

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