stories of ravens (Jacob/Noah/Odin/Lleu/Morrigan/Haida/etc)

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David Dalton

Jul 12, 2021, 1:52:27 AM7/12/21
I seem to recall reading somewhere that Jacob was
associated with ravens. Is that correct? Of course
I also know of Noah’s first sending out a raven
before the dove.

I associate the raven with new (dark) moon and
thus perhaps the dove could be a fat waxing
crescent (so I hope for global peace at the
coming fat waxing crescent).

The raven is also associated with Odin, Lleu/Lugh/Lugos,
the Morrigan, and the Haida creation story of
The Raven and the First Men. Do you know
of any other stories that mention ravens?

Also I remember the story of Jacob’s Blessings
to the tribes. This is generally assumed to
have occurred at the end of his life, but is there
any evidence it occurred earlier, though still
fairly late in his life?

And I take the story of Jacob wrestling with an
angel or with God to mean he negotiated
late at night with God, perhaps such that
God enforced those Blessings/binding.

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