Who is the Best Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the UFC - Georges St Pierre Or Ande

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Pauline Winters

May 7, 2010, 11:28:13 AM5/7/10
The question has been asked many times by many different people. Who
is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC. The consensus in the
MMA world is that it's either Anderson Silva or Georges St.Pierre. So
in order to answer the first question lets ask another, who would win
in a fight, Silva or St.Pierre?,
Anderson Silva is probably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the
UFC. It's almost a toss-up between Silva and Georges St.Pierre, but I
give a slight edge to Silva.
Both of their next fights will give us a better understanding about
where these fighters are at, and how they would match up against each
other. St.Pierre is going to be fighting Thiago Alves, while Silva is
scheduled to fight Forrest Griffin.
St. Pierre is an outstanding fighter, but has yet to show me how good
he is against a true striker. When St.Pierre lost to and then beat
Matt Hughes the first time, Hughes was the champion, but MMA still
wasn't where it is even today. Hughes was a great champion for his
time, but I think that Hughes stopped developing as a fighter right
around the time St.Pierre beat him for the first time. The second time
St.Pierre beat Hughes St.Pierre showed then that he was in another
league above Hughes.
St.Pierre then lost to Matt Serra, who just got plain lucky in the
upset win of the year. St.Pierre avenged the loss in a dominant
performance later, to regain the Welterweight title. I think most
people would agree that St.Pierre is several steps above Serra in the
fight game, despite an unfortunate loss.
St.Pierre has beaten two guys that are very impressive young fighters
in Josh Koscheck and John Fitch. Both of these fighters are ex-
collegiate wrestling champs, yet St.Pierre out-wrestled both of them.
However, one of the strikes that I hold against St.Pierre is that he
couldn't finish either one of them. I don't think St.Pierre has very
good knock-out power in his hands. One of the very, very few arguable
weaknesses of St.Pierre.
Thiago Alves poses a tough fight for St.Pierre because he is stronger
than St.Pierre, and a better all around athlete than any of the other
fighters St.Pierre has faced. However, I still think that St.Pierre
will win, but it will be interesting to see how. My guess is by
decision, but if St.Pierre can knock out Alves St.Pierre could jump to
the top of my board as best pound-for-poundfighter in the UFC.
Anderson Silva also has a tough fight coming up as well. Forrest
Griffin is no joke, and shouldn't be taken lightly. Griffin will bring
it to Silva, but I look for Silva to knock out Griffin in the first or
early second round. If Silva doesn't knock out or submit Griffin in
convincing fashion, I think Silva will drop out of the pound-for-pound
best fighter spot.
Silva has fought some tough opponents, and finished them all
convincingly with the exception of his last two fights. Patrick Cote
blew out his knee during his fight with Silva, so Silva won by
default, despite not looking impressive during the fight. Silvas last
fight was probably the most boring fight I have ever seen in my life.
Silva just did not bring it, he had opportunities to finish the fight
yet never did. Silva needs to finish Griffin in order to be considered
the pound-for-pound best.
When looking at who St.Pierre and Silva have beaten it's pretty hard
to decide which fighter has fought tougher opponents. St.Pierre is a
better wrestler than Silva, and has beaten very good wrestlers with
relative ease (Fitch, Koscheck, Hughes). Silva might not have fared so
well against these fighters because it is arguable that Silvas
weakness is his wrestling. Dan Henderson showed us that despite
ultimately losing to Silva.
On the other hand, Silva has beaten some very good strikers that would
probably have given St.Pierre some trouble (ie.Franklin, Cote,
Marquardt). St.Pierre was knocked out by Serra, who has power but not
anything like the fighters mentioned.
I think St.Pierre is the better fighter when fighting an opponent who
specializes in takedowns, and ground and pound. But, Silva is better
fighting opponents who are good strikers and pretty good on the
ground. I mean lets face it, Hughes, Serra, and to a degree Koscheck
and Fitch aren't known for their striking first.
Alright, back to the original question who is the better fighter? Or
who would win in a fight between Silva and St.Pierre? As I already
Silva would win because I think he has proven to have a better all
around game. He has knocked people out in both the Middleweight
division and the Light-heavyweight division, and I don't think
St.Pierre could do that (in his division and the one above
respectfully). St.Pierre would have beaten all the people that Silva
has beaten and vice versa, but I don't think St.Pierre could have done
it as convincingly.
Also, as I said earlier, St.Pierre is a better wrestler than Silva.
But, Silva showed that he can scramble and hold his own even with one
of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters in the world in Thales
Leites. Plus, I can't see St.Pierre trying to submit Silva, I see
St.Pierre ground and pounding on him.
Ultimately that's why I see Silva winning this fight. He may not be
able to stop all of St.Pierres takedowns, but I think he could at
least minimize the damage he would take on the ground, and I don't
think St.Pierre would be able to submit him. When Silva gets the fight
back to his feet, I see him with an advantage in striking. Silva is
just fast enough, and too accurate of a striker for St.Pierre. I would
expect Silva to knock St.Pierre out.
The only way St. Pierre wins is if he gets Silva down, and can keep
him down for every round. Really Ionly see Silva winning the fight
about 60 percent of the time. But that's good enough to make him the
best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC in my book.

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