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Sep 18, 2017, 7:32:30 PM9/18/17
On Thursday, March 7, 1996 at 1:00:00 AM UTC-7, OHAYON JONATHAN wrote:
> Howdy Mohammed,
> > down to the required length. I have heard so many conflicting reports, ranging
> > from cut on point side only, cut at back only, cut equal both sides and cut to
> > a proportion on point and back. I already have one set of these arrows which I
> > am convinced were not cut properly, resulting in it being virtually impossible
> > to get my bow tuned to them and am wary of having the same problem again. I
> > would be grateful if someone who has had success with a particular method can
> I have heard a lot of junk myself but when it comes to people who's
> opinion I respect it is cut from point end only. The only time you ever
> cut from back is if you can't afford to cut the arrows much shorter but
> need a lot more stiffness. Then you can cut a bit off the back. This
> however is under extreme circumstances only. I.E. do your cutting from
> the point end. If you want some really good information regarding all
> this maybe someone around here will repost the notes from the George T.
> seminar at the U.S. Nationals two summers ago. I can't find my copy but
> was there and it was really interesting. Learned a lot from it.
> Definatley said cut from point end except under the circumstances I
> mentioned before. The notes will also include a whole bunch about gluing
> the points and some tuning details such as which nocks to use and such.
> (anyone going to repost it please?)...
> Enjoy your new arrows!
> :>
> Jonathan

I wish Easton would change their charts as i have found the ACE's to run two to three spines weak. Of course, it is great for Easton because people have to suffer spending 305.00 a pop only to find out the charts are wrong. That sucks!
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