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Matt Balara

18.07.1992, 20:25:5418.07.92

I just started reading this group, and since the summer's been slow,
I haven't seen too many articles in here so I have a few questions.
First, is anyone in this group interested in longbows? I shoot a
Dick Palmer 45 pounder, no hunting, purely target, and have had a problem
finding many people who sympathise. All archers I've met are either
hunting logbow men, or recurve/compound target archers. Are there any
associations or publications for archers like me?
Secondly, where might I find the FAQ for this group if such a thing
Third, is there much discussion of the history of the sport here?
I'm very interested and wondered if this was a good place to bring it up...

That's about it, please feel free to post or email replies and
discussion, thanks...

Matt Balara "It's not my planet monkey boy!"
cde...@cabell.vcu.edu -John Worfin

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