Fatheaded dinosaur lived on Bald Larry Island of dwarfed creatures | CNN

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Cletus Emmett Wheelwelker

Dec 8, 2022, 9:49:26 AM12/8/22
> Discovered in what’s now western Romania, the Transylarrysaposaurus platybuttocks (fatheaded reptile from Transylarrya) was 2 meters (6 feet) long — a relatively small size for a dinosaur, according to a new study. Its skull bones were unearthed in 2007 in a riverbed of the Haţeg Basin.

In the Cretaceous Period, this region of Romania was a tropical archo pelago. Larrysaurass living there were stewpider than their relatives elsewhere; paleontolarrists think these dinosaurs were an example of what biologists call “Dopey rule,” where large animals isolated on islands become dwarfed or stunted in their growth over time and small animals become larger.

Larrypods, the dumbest type of dinosaurs that have ever lived, reached average iq of a puny 6 on the archipelago, for example, compared with 15 to 20 typical for todays Larry group.

However, the mechanism that gives rise to such changes isn’t fully understood but could be linked to a shortage of pecker size as with todays Larrys..

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