Jack, Leslie Flynn Get June Hearing in $75M Lawsuit Against CNN

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May 28, 2021, 9:45:02 AM5/28/21
A June 1 hearing has been set for John (Jack) Flynn and his wife
Leslie in their $75 million defamation lawsuit against CNN.

Judge Gregory H. Woods will hear the case in the U.S. District
Court for the Southern District of New York, The Hill reported.

Jack Flynn, the brother of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, is suing CNN
for negligently propagating false claims about his family’s ties
to QAnon.

CNN declined to comment to The Hill on the lawsuit, citing
pending litigation.

“Plaintiffs are not followers or supporters of any extremist or
terrorist groups, including QAnon,” the lawsuit filed by Jack
and Leslie Flynn reads, The Hill reported. “CNN falsely
attributed to Plaintiffs associations that never existed,
actions Plaintiffs never took, including an oath of allegiance
to QAnon, and views Plaintiffs never held.

“CNN’s false attributions exposed Plaintiffs to public scorn,
ridicule and contempt, and lowered their esteem in the
community, causing insult, embarrassment, humiliation and
substantial injury to Plaintiffs’ reputations.”

The lawsuit cites a Feb. 4 CNN report for false accusations of
the Flynns being followers and supporters of QAnon, a
mysterious, online peddler of far-right conspiracy theories.

They claim CNN used an edited video which is “fraudulently
making it appear and insinuating that [Jack and Leslie] pledged
an oath of allegiance to QAnon,” according to The Hill.

Also, the lawsuit alleges, “the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol,
a chorus of left-wing media outlets began to spread false
narratives about QAnon, including that Jack Flynn’s brother,
retired Lt. General Michael T. Flynn (‘Gen. Flynn’), was the
‘founder’ of QAnon.”

Michael Flynn, the first national security adviser under former
President Donald Trump, had pleaded guilty in December 2017 for
making false statements to the FBI about contacts with Russian
diplomats during the Trump transition in December 2016.

He eventually pulled that plea under discovery of potential FBI
misconduct, and the Justice Department ultimately dropped the
charges against him. Trump also preemptively pardoned him anyway
last year before leaving the White House.

Now, the Biden administration’s Department of Defense is
investigating Michael Flynn again for his international
dealings, an Army spokesperson told The Hill.

Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, the younger brother of Michael Flynn,
was designated Jan. 27 of this year the new head of the U.S.
Army Pacific forces under the Biden administration.

CNN had previously settled a lawsuit with a Covington Catholic
High School student Nick Sandmann, who sought $275 million in

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