Frank Lombard is Duke Professor: Frank Lombard is Pedophile Commune Member

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Mar 5, 2022, 3:25:02 AM3/5/22
Pedophile dad and Duke University professor, Frank Lombard, has been
living in the Eno-Commons commune in Durham, NC. Lombard is a member
of the Episcopal Church of the Advocate (ECOTA) in Carrboro, NC. See
updates below.

Frank Lombard - Duke University Professor

Frank McCorkle Lombard, 42, lives at 24 Indigo Creek Trail, Durham,
with his partner and two adopted boys, at least one of which has
been raped and molested for what appears to be a very long time.
This Duke University professor "invited an undercover investigator
online to fly to North Carolina" to also rape his child. The two
adopted children have been placed in protective custody. The Eno
Commons website , (another more descriptive here) in Durham, NC says
the community, among other things, is a park-like neighborhood with
organic gardens, orchard and a woodland creek leading to the Eno
River. There are 22 households in this "cohousing neighbor." It is
located 6 miles from the center of downtown Durham, interestingly,
Eno Commons says it is a "Paradise for Children." Eno Commons
utilizes a "Commons House." You can have the privacy of your own
home or gather with "extended family" at the Commons House.

The website says "Children learn what they live," but the neighbors
of Frank Lombard, his partner and Lombard's adopted children have
expressed no surprise or outrage at what Lombard's 5-year-old son
has been "learning" as he lived among them. Make no mistake about
it, there has been no paradise in Eno Commons for the son that
Lombard drugged, raped, molested - and did it all on camera, live on
a website with others watching. According to News&, the
Commons "have kept reporters out." The midwest conservative journal
gives more detail about these neighbors living in communal paradise:

A roadblock with a “no trespassing” sign and a Subaru greeted
visitors Saturday to Indigo Creek Trail, a private street in the 22
-home neighborhood.

The News& says The Episcopal Church of the Advocate
(EPOTA) are cooperating. They removed references and photos of
Lombard (and possibly a photo of his son or sons) from the website.
Lombard is said to have been a "part of a group that advised on
legal and financial matters," at the church. Other reports say that
Frank Lombard was a "vestryman."

The church is providing pastoral care and spiritual guidance for all
parishioners who have been affected by this painful situation,"
Bishop Michael B. Curry said on the diocese's Web site.

Lombard seemed like a good father to his two children, said Sandy
Barnhart, who attended the same church. She said he was a quiet and
knowledgeable person who was excited about the research he did at

"I was absolutely floored," she said of hearing about Lombard's
arrest. "I've seen him with the kids, and he seemed to be a caring
father. It seemed like [they lived in a] structured environment. He
wasn't spoiling the kids. He seemed like a regular parent."

Arrest affidavit available here. Extremely graphic - don't go there
unless you are prepared to fully read what Frank Lombard is alleged
to have done to this poor child.


Update 7-2-09 11:25 a.m. CDT:
Frank Lombard's gay partner is reported to be 57-year-old Ken Shipp,
co-owner of the home in Eno Commons and also a Duke University staff
member, Clinical Pharmacist, Medicine-Infectious Diseases.

Hillary on the Russian payroll

Mar 6, 2022, 9:25:02 PM3/6/22
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