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Massive Unibrow

Aug 17, 2013, 3:36:51 PM8/17/13
Looking for a Usenet newgroup discussing international politics and bad
governance? Try the dictator.* hierarchy:

dictator.america covering the Americas, North and South
dictator.mideast covering the Mideast
dictator.asia covering West, East, South, and Central Asia
dictator.europe covering the European continent and Russia
dictator.general covering the practice of tyranny and bad government.

See www.dictatorshandbook.net for more information. Here are some recent
headlines from these groups. If your news provider doesn't carry them, please
request them, or let us know at in...@dictatorshandbook.net so we can request on
your behalf.


[USA] Your govt spies on you and lies about it. N
NSA loophole allows warrantless search for US citi
[Nicaragua] gets Chinese help for canal
[Nicaragua] Canal leads to 'promised land'
[Nicaragua] ... and the people applaud!
[USA] Encryped email provider shutdown post-Snowde
Win for China, draw for Russia and the US
[USA] all the ways Obama wanted to reform the NSA
[Venezuela] expropriates Chinese-owned car factory
[USA] Why Snowden & the industrial spying complex
[Honduras] militarizes prison
[USA] Here's what democracy looks like in New York
[USA] outrage is not enough
[Uruguay] install poll booster: legalize pot
[USA] Texans confiscate tampons but permit guns


[N Korea] interested in Kaesong zone again
[Burma] Anniversary of 8/8/88
Central Asia's vanity projects: a round-up
60 year anniversary of the war and armistice
[Afghanistan] goes full douchebag on import taxes
Re: [Afghanistan] goes full douchebag on import taxes
[N Korea] ship was carrying fighter engines too
[Pakistan] USA willing to talk. Cha-ching!


Russia's Stimulus Plan - Open the Gulag Gates -
Fwd: Stephen Fry: Putin is making scapegoats of ga
[Russia] Economy is bearish on future US relations
[Russia] rare, anti-Putin news report accidentally
[Ukraine] Tymoshenko still jailed, ailing
[Ukraine] Police abuse protests
[Russia] America's Russia Reset might have been pr
[Italy] Berlusconi playing in fading light
[Italy] Berlusconi jailtime stands; Silvio is not
[UK] fretting about a world without porn
[Italy] racism and asshattery


US steps up drone strikes in Yemen as al-Qaida att
As Foreign Fighters Flood Syria, Fears of a New Ex
[Syria] rebels claim to have assaulted Assad convo
Egyptians To U.S.: Stay At Home And Keep Your Fore
[Yemen] Yemen says it has foiled an al-Qaeda plot
[Egypt] Foreign mediation has failed
Fwd: Morsi as Hitler: The analogy that won't die
[Egypt] This just in from Captain Obvious: we're n
[Egypt] presidential democracy with no president
[Syria] Palestinians fleeing Assad find little ref
[Iran] Ahmadinejad: the man who screwed Iran


Hey ICC, go suck it!
Re: Hey ICC, go suck it!
Poll says corruption is getting worse
The "Occupy" approach is destined to fail
Demonstration democracy: what's going on?
The 17 Least-Free places in the world, by Freedom
Brazil and Turkey: what's up with revolt in democr
Electoral Authoritanism & The Tyranny of the Major
Re: Electoral Authoritanism & The Tyranny of the Major
Internet surveillance - a paranoid query
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