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Mar 21, 2017, 9:14:23 AM3/21/17
I think it's time we have a honest uncensored forum ;
Where we "small time " or "hobbyists sellers "
Can share our experiences with the corrupt corporate entity:
E-Bay ... it takes very lots of effort to raise your seller standards,
And almost nothing to bring it crashing down around you !

I've been on eBay since 2003 mostly as a buyer ... in recent months;
I've started selling... as a hobby . I really enjoy the
"coupon community " I feel I've made lasting connections and friendships
Within my Category of sellers:)

I'd like to take this opportunity to invite some of you here ;
Let's work together to get prices where they need to be
for us all to both make enough profit to make it fun and rewarding,
And to offer items at a price attractive to buyers :)

We can stay within a few $ of each other per listing;
we can eradicate both the gouging of buyers and the
Sellers who are dumping their items for next to nothing,
Thus driving down the market!
So I'll invite you to share techniques you have found :
that can help/ or hurt your sales :)

Mar 21, 2017, 9:24:07 AM3/21/17
Here is my first advice:
Make sure you post "Mobile friendly "in description section
What's that mean ?? Well keep the sentence line shorter,
Like I'm typing this ;)
If you drag a description on in like 2-3 sentence lines ;

You tend to exceed what can be viewed in mobile format !!
Just remember even if you post from a p.c.;
that doesn't mean 90% of the 🌎 eBay community
(ie your potential buyers) are using the "Dino format "
When looking to buy :)
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