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Nomen Nescio

Sep 12, 2021, 5:17:19 PMSep 12
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Anonymous <> wrote:
> The privacy-watchdog site which exposed Proton Mail has been taken
> down. I'm going to post in a.p.a-s some of the informative articles
> from the site.
> The privacy-watchdog site which exposed Proton Mail has been taken
> down.
> I'm going to post in a.p.a-s some of the informative articles from the
> site.
> Uses Censorship to Protect Protonmail
> by Watchdog
> September 24, 2019
> Short Summary:
> Privacytools used censorship to protect Protonmail on Reddit
> PrivacyTools references a blog post that is mostly non-related.
> Is PrivacyTools still credible?
> Detailed Analysis:
> 1. Used Censorship to Protect Protonmail
> posted two properly cited articles on the
> subreddit r/privacytools. In response, the forum moderator, trai_dep,
> censored the two posts by deleting them from the subreddit. They
> suggested I post to r/conspiracy until I could find “reputable sources
> to support my claims”. Here’s the problem: Protonmail statements are
> my primary source. Let’s review the two articles and citations below:
> Privacy-Watchdog Post: Protonmail’s false claim list
> Sources Used: 7 citations from Protonmail, 1 from Reuters, 1 from
> Vice & 1 from Professor Nadim Kobeissi
> Privacy-Watchdog Post: Protonmail’s Crowdfunding & Equity Sale
> Sources Used: 8 Citations from Protonmail, 3 from Protonmail’s
> Twitter, 1 from Forbes and 1 From BleepingComputer.
> If you do an analysis on historical article & source
> approval history, you’ll find these are more than adequate.
> 2. PrivacyTools References a Mostly Non-Related Reddit Page
> stated: “Visit this post to read r/Protonmail’s
> responses to these unsourced claims” (archive) . So let’s take a look
> at where Privacytools directed me, it’s a Reddit post that I created
> where I ask Protonmail 4 questions:
> Question: How much code was written at MIT?
> Protonmail Eventually Responded: Wei Sun, Protonmail’s Cryptography &
> Computer science major during their creation, wrote his portion of the
> code at MIT in an NSA/CIA funded department.
> Question: Has Protonmail provided a response to the US/Swiss MLAT
> treaty?
> Protonmail Response: “ProtonMail only responds to orders which have
> been approved by a Swiss court.”
> Question: How much equity does CRV and FONGIT have?
> Protonmail Response: CRV & FONGIT own less than 20%.
> Question: Does Protonmail maintain any close connections with current
> Gmail/Google employees? If so, what information is shared?
> Protonmail Response: Protonmail received help from a Google Engineer
> during their DDOS attack in 2015.
> For to reference this blog post illustrates they did
> not read the post. What likely happened was Protonmail provided
> with the response PM wanted Privacytools to make. Then
> Privacytools copy/pasted that response to me without any fact-checking
> whatsoever.
> 2. Is PrivacyTools still credible?
> Github shows there is an 8 person team that maintains
> their website. Their GitHub profile reveals that some of their key
> creators, like Shifterovich, use Protonmail. Their Patreon page shows
> they earn $11/month from donations. Protonmail is a million-dollar
> company with questionable ethics. Is it possible that Protonmail makes
> donations to PrivacyTools in return for censoring information in their
> behalf? That’s impossible to know for certain however an analysis of
> the facts show that utilized censorship to hide
> harmful/true information about Protonmail. Censoring the truth should
> never be done especially by a website like
> I am just an old defense contractor, with PTSD, running a shitty
> wordpress site. and Protonmail’s girly games don’t
> affect me at all. However, I had a friend who was harmed because of a
> data security issue. Every day I remember that experience in perfect
> detail. I don’t have fucking patience to fuck around with censorship
> or favoritism. Someone could get hurt because they misunderstood their
> security tools.
> gives advice to many people seeking privacy &
> security. My concern is someone could get hurt because
> censored truth for a company that sends them “donations”. In closing I
> will quote PrivacyTools website: “Never trust any company with your
> privacy”. Based on their actions maybe you shouldn’t trust
> either.
> Privacy Watchdog
> Contact me via Email or Reddit
> (dead link)
> information/
> (More info and posts regarding Proton Mail)

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Nomen Nescio

Sep 12, 2021, 5:17:22 PMSep 12
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