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Nov 9, 2006, 9:18:49 PM11/9/06

Looking for a Cowboy Bebop MUSH? Well look no more one has just opened
around the block!
Altered Horizons is a new MUSH and we are looking for people to pick up
one of the
major players especially Vicious, Spike, or Jet. The theme takes place
before the start
of the show, but to make things easier Vicious succeeds in the removal
of the Van
before we see him and Spike reunite for the battle in 'A Ballad for
Fallen Angels'.

Faye and Edward are doing what they normally are doing, and characters
besides the major characters from the show are open for applications.
The only
dead characters are Mao and The Van. The rest are open for
applications. You
can be a member of the Red Dragons, ISSP, crew of the Bebop, a bount
merchant, or your lone criminal looking to make a quick buck. Even the
characters can be applied for!

The grid consists of Mars, Io, Callisto, Ganymeade, and Earth. Each
is a small area to allow for a better chance of people running into

The Bebop Crew does not stand alone in this MUSH to make things more
I have incorporated the Masterforce version of the old Transformers in.
expect to have more to interact with if a little mech interests you.
This is
also to allow for people to not feel so left out with their involvement
with the
other factions.

So stop in and take a look! telnet://

Shockwave - AH Director

Makk Mal Metaborn

Oct 12, 2008, 1:51:05 AM10/12/08
Tried to connect to telnet://, but was unable to.
Is the site still up?
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