You don't suppose this just started a run on the banks where Canadians no longer trust that their money is safe

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Feb 17, 2022, 10:55:55 AM2/17/22

You don't suppose this just started a run on the banks where Canadians
no longer trust that their money is safe from being stolen and that now
the Canadian economy will collapse as everyone runs to the banks to
withdraw as much money as they can.... so they can feed their families?

This is just too funny, TRUDEAU has managed to do the one thing that
makes millions more want to support the TRUCKERS with cash that they
collect and give to the TRUCKERS.

TRUDEAU has created the NEXT BANKING CRISIS because when the BANKS lose
the confidence of the masses, they end up broke and the NATION will fall
into a DEPRESSION... Watch Canada collapse under TRUDEAU and his LEFTIST

I suspect that this will now spread to the United States where people
know that Biden has been urging TRUDEAU to get tough and it was no doubt
the NSA or the BidenRegime and the *CIA FIVE EYES* coalition that hacked
the GIVESENDGO to release data and DOXX the donors....

Which means that all the people in the United States are having
light-bulbs come on in their head and they start thinking "what if Biden
tries this to stop the American American Citizens that Biden is labeling
terrorists" unconstitutionally.

Yes it will be a really BIG BLUNDER on the Democrats part since all
their own donors will see this and start to think that id Democrats lose
that it will then happen to Democrats... and that's an interesting idea
since, the reality is that if they can do it to the people they hate
then the people they hate could do it to them if they're as unethical
and hateful as the Democrats are.

-That's Karma-

*The first rule of SURVIVAL CLUB* is we talk about it, we hate
censorship. Never trust what Democrats or Marxists tell you. Make them
prove it with actual verifiable facts and science. And if you didn't
find the duplicitous lies in what the Marxist-Democrats told you then
you didn't dig deep enough. The *Gruber* *Doctrine* is the
Marxist-Democrat plan that says it's "to the Democrats advantage to have
a lack of transparency and then lie about everything".

*The next rule of SURVIVAL CLUB* is
235 - Democrats have no problem calling the police, racists and
condemning them. Why so much difficulty calling ANTIFA and #BLM's
burning and looting and violence, terrorism and condemning them?
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