Re: Executions For Clinton Aides?

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Feb 16, 2022, 2:17:45 AM2/16/22
On Wed, 16 Feb 2022 07:10:18 -0000 (UTC), Wi1liam T
<> wrote:

>>Jim Jordan: Trump 'Right on Target' to
>>Suggest Executions for Clinton Campaign
>>Feb 13
>>MAGA-boosting Congressman Jim Jordan
>>(R-OH) declared on Sunday morning that
>>former President Donald Trump was
>>"right on target" with his statement
>>reacting to the latest developments
>>in the Durham probe-a statement that
>>suggested executions for Clinton-
>>linked operatives. After Fox News
>>reported that Special Counsel John
>>Durham filed a motion alleging that
>>Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign
>>paid a technology company to "infiltrate"
>>servers tied to Trump, the ex-president
>>blared that the "latest pleading from
>>Special Counsel Robert Durham"-yes, he
>>got Durham's name wrong-had provided
>>"indisputable evidence" that he and his
>>campaign were "spied on" by the Clinton
>>campaign. "In a stronger period of time
>>in our country, this crime would have
>>been punishable by death," Trump added.

Just another forged post by Rudy.

His hatred starts early in the morning and follows him to bed at

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