having a cow, learning a lesson, and a confession

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Sep 16, 1998, 3:00:00 AM9/16/98
Day two of the conference was less valuable but more exciting than day one.

I had a cow in the morning technical session I attended. The first line in
the speaker's guide is something like this: if you want to make a sales
pitch, rent a booth. Commercial advertisement in technical sessions is

The subtext of this is that you are advised not to be blatant. Every speaker
is making a pitch, if only that they are a knowledgable fellow. When I give
a talk in these forums, my first and last slide always have an icon size logo
of my company in the corner. About a quarter of the speakers have an icon
size company logo on every slide.

The cow was borne when some idiot colleague of mine ended his talk with a
slide showing the name and phone number of the marketing tool the people in
the audience should call if they wanted to purchase a software license.
After a half second glance at his slide, I made spitting sounds, got up and
walked out. I was sitting in the center of the front row.

As I was stomping out in a huff, I saw a friend of mine in the back of the
room. He was staring at me, grinning from ear to ear.

My ex-protege who quit three months ago is now a boss. He offered me a job.

I have decided that one really valuable thing has been given to us in the sex
scandal. What happened between Bill and Monica would be none of our
business, except for the physical evidence, and the fact that he is the
commander in chief of the west's military might. There are a huge number of
people around us who will generalize this foolishly. They will reveal that
they think that something like this is our business, that it testifies to a
person's character. For example, they would suggest to alt.angster's that
what happens between Bob and some nameless female is our business.

It isn't.

We now have a refreshed litmus test of people to avoid.

Since everybody is confessing, I have a confession to make. A lot of what I
post is total dreck. This is wrong. I deeply regret it. I intend to
reclaim non-dreckful posting for myself, and for my readers.

Heh heh


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Jonah Thomas

Sep 16, 1998, 3:00:00 AM9/16/98
buk...@baileylink.net wrote:

>My ex-protege who quit three months ago is now a boss. He offered me a job.

OK! Do you want it?

The thing is, if you take the job he offers you probably won't be a boss in
3 months. Would you rather find a job like he found? Or is it better to go
with the sure thing.

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