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Peter Bedpan

Nov 14, 2020, 9:21:43 AM11/14/20
Zero More Years
By Koch Ebola
©Scientific Morality
It was October 30, in a hamlet in the Catskill Mountains. Pamela and I were sitting in our living room, watching a documentary on TV, when all of a sudden, there was a succession of horns blasting past our house, like from a traffic jam in Manhattan. I got up from my chair to peer out of the window, that looks out at the highway. And, oh dear God! It was a caravan of SUVs, pick-ups, and cars gleefully promoting Donald Trump! It looked a college pep rally for a football team! I tell you what, they don’t make pick-up trucks like they used to. Pick-ups would routinely be used to haul green waste, construction supplies, furnishings, and other stuff. Now, they look like space ships of the evil empire from the Star Wars franchise. All that could out of these truck beds were large, “Trump 2020” flags and American flags in blue and white. Of course, the drivers and passengers were all wearing those stupid Maga hats, smiling and waving. I saw giggly, white teen-age girls chanting, “Four more years! Four more years!” There must have been a hundred vehicles traveling east and then west, blocking commuters trying to get home. I got a sensation of repugnance in my gut, but I suppressed my consternation. Indeed, this was an encroachment upon my placid surroundings, but what the fuck, Chuck? This was their right to free speech, according to the First Amendment. After about 20 minutes of torturous noise, they were gone. Is this the American version of Fascism? German Fascism was rigid, stoic and monolithic. American Fascism? Goofy!
The weekend news was a blaze of sensationalist pig shit. Oh, city businesses are boarding up their windows in anticipation of roving bands of Anarchist rioters. Rumors abounded about gun-toting poll watchers from the Trump camp. In Texas, some Trump supporters in trucks attempted to force a Joe Biden bus caravan off a roadway. Sweet. Meanwhile, Trump continued his super spreader rallies for his brainwashed supporters who believe that Covid 19 is a hoax. It’s not that his supporters are willing to die for him, but that they are gullible enough to believe this mentally ill guy’s proclamations that this virus will magically disappear on its own. This comes from the orange ape’s demon-posessed, pea brain. Pollyanna & Peter Pan live together in Trump’s sick mind and the people who enable this crap are authoritarian-dependent. After all, it is easier to have someone do the thinking for you than to be self-reliant.
Joe Biden, on the other hand, had safe, drive-in rallies with people sitting in their cars, honking their horns in support. He was passionate and sincere. He reminds me of Presidents Truman or Eisenhower. He will do. Under his leadership, all will be far better than with that mental patient, Trump.
I am not naive enough to believe that, with one election, this saga will end. Though, I was wishing for it. This is Gore versus Bush, all over again. So, it’s a waiting game. So be it.
Oh, and where in the hell is the “civil war?”
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