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Oct 24, 2016, 6:46:31 PM10/24/16
Hi there

Can anyone shed some light on the following:

In the "Confessio RC Fraternitatis" Harvey Spencer Lewis it says that he was told by his instructors in France, Toulouse, that they are pledged (as he must he be) to "combat the efforts of one great institution which has for ages held the minds and souls of the masses in the grip of fear, superstition and ignorance. This is the Hierarchy of the .........." (name not given).

It goes on further saying: "Then - soon thereafter - will come the day of conflict within your Countries boundaries (America), when the Sign of the Cross will be held aloft by the .......... (name not given)under the rule of the King of Darkness, and it will be met and neutralized by the true Sign of the Cross, held in the hearts and minds of your Brothers and Sisters in every city and state."

To your assistance will come our other Brothers of the Holy Craft of King Solomon whose workmen have been laying the material stones upon which your esoteric structure can be built (Freemasonry?)

I don't think this mysterious institution is a reference to the Church since the RC struggle with the Catholic Church in earlier times is openly mentioned in the same document. He seems to be referring to a different and very specific organization.

Any insight would be appreciated.




Oct 26, 2016, 8:35:05 AM10/26/16
Can you just help jog my memory a bit, and say which monograph/degree/year this was mentioned in? Was it 9+ (???) Best regards, Sid
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