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Mistress Diamond/Florida/Chicago/Lifestyle Domina

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Jun 18, 1998, 3:00:00 AM6/18/98

Greetings, My Dear!

I thank you for the interest in My Divine World. Yes, I am still
training slaves in cyber, phone, and r/t...but only those who are
extremely sincere and have a positive respectful attitude. I have no
time for the tourists or self-centered ass-holes out there. In other
words, I seek quality, NOT quantity when it comes to the selection of
My servants. A Lifestyle/Professional Domina, I have been active in
the Lifestyle for the last 15 years.

I currently maintain training facilities in the North (Chicago) and in
the South (Florida). I split My Time between these two geographic
zones, with the greater amount of My Time currently being spent South,
due to the fact that this is the base for My publishing tech support.
My Florida facilities are located in the Ft. Pierce/Vero Beach area.
My appts. require a minimum 24 hr. advance.

My Dungeons are fully equipped...a fetish connoiseur's wet dream!
This, coupled with My unparalleled imagination and strong sense of
spiritual focus can become your wings to freedom through submission!

I am Naturally Dominant and enjoy the awesome Energy that comes from
effective Control of My slaves and play partners within Our Power
Exchange Scenes. My Training Sessions extend far beyond the mere
physical. When you enter into My Diamond World, be prepared for the
indescribable ecstasy that comes from My Complete Enchantment of your
mind, body, and slave soul! I deal in positive, passionate,
spiritually rehydrative Leather/Fetish Role Play.

My Scenes range in intensity from gossamer light corporal laced with
heavy sensuality to classic heavy, no-nonsense discipline and/or
grinding humiliation/degradation. I welcome both novices and
experienced players.

I am extremely fond of interlacing effective verbal with my physical
delivery in these role play scenes. My Play Scenes become virtual
Living Art at Its Exotic Finest! That Royal Garden of Delight, once
only known to you in Dream, into which I am able to transport you for
that special space in time that We share.

And what is My Pleasure in all of this?? Quite simply the tremendous
rush that comes when I am able to bring your lifelong fantasies into
the long awaited and much desired Reality!

The Bonds that exist between Me and My slaves are deeply personal,
passionate, and usually Lifelong in duration. Very special
friendships that often extend far beyond the play scene Itself. This
is the difference between the warmth and security that comes from a
relationship and the fleeting, superficial psycho-sexual rush that
comes from an encounter. Both are intense during their respective
moments. The former endures and intensifies, the latter becomes
painful, like cold ash after the fireblaze.

What do I need from you to continue consideration on My Part of your
submissive being? Basically the following:

A short (honest, straight-forward, non-postured) note outlining for

1. Your current fetish interests.
2. Limits, turn-offs, if any.
3. Do you have "ultra fetishes" or specific fantasies that are
to you to experience in your scenes?
4. Background...Do you have any prior real life experience in these
fetish realms? Have you served someone previously?
5. What qualities are important to you in the Dom that you serve?
6. Misc. thoughts, if any.

If you seek consideration in the Personal Staff sure to
state the qualifications you feel you possess...tangible work
skills...or other qualities that you feel would render you worthy of
consideration in this very special realm. I must tell you that
openings in this area are based upon My Household need. Accessibility
is a must! Relocations are periodically considered, but...only under
very special circumstances and then very carefully. I do not deal
lightly when it comes to people's lives.

By this information, I shall be able to ascertain, at least in initial
degree whether or not there is enough common ground between Us to
merit the interaction you are requesting. If I feel there is not, I
shall inform you as such. I only want the best for Both of Us, My
Dear, and if, after evaluating your communication, I feel that I am
not the RIGHT Dom for you, I will tell you so.

I look forward to your letter, if you are sincere in your quest.

In Loving Leather and Light,

Mistress Diamond
Goddess of the New Dawn
Mistress Diamond's PASSION Magazine Web Site:

Jun 18, 2013, 11:42:39 PM6/18/13
Hello Mistress Diamond!!!!!!!!!

I am certain You will remember me - I was the new lawyer (oh so many years ago) in Indiana. I saw You somewhere else, sent a message, and received no reply so assumed it wasn't a good time. I DO hope You are well!

I would ADORE having a dialogue, hearing how You are, etc, etc.! Please feel free to drop me an email - I would be so honored!

Diane - long lost friend

Jul 27, 2016, 5:20:48 PM7/27/16
Misress diamond would like to corespond with u curtis

May 8, 2019, 8:59:08 PM5/8/19
as someone who threw herself at the feet of Mistress Diamond in a way to deal with who i really am while in a marriage that could never work for me,

it would be lovely to know that Mistress Diamond' is well and still active

- jocelyn -

who She helped so very much

Mar 28, 2020, 6:53:18 PM3/28/20
Please tell me you're still around. I miss you.

Apr 7, 2020, 10:18:33 PM4/7/20
Hello MISSTRESS< I used to serve you on a regular basis, and I miss it very much..I was the sissy maid from Tampa..I served you and Chris many times..Please let me know if you still play or do sessions..I can also give you free house cleaning services ONLY.
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