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Vote for Freedom!!!

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Oct 10, 1998, 3:00:00 AM10/10/98
If you enjoy internet freedom, low interest rates, and a thriving economy then read further. If not, then vote against these things.

This November will hold the most critical election in modern times when it comes to our freedom. The Republican party is trying again to trick the American people into voting against freedom. They are leading the blind like sheep to slaughter! They will stop at nothing in their attempt to gain control of our country. When they don't get their way they stoop to lower and lower tactics, remember when they shut down our government? They openly disregard the people's opinions and could care less about our prosperous economy or world image. Their only goal is to gain total control so that they can further take away our rights and freedoms! DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! It is a guarantee that interest rates will rise as well as freedoms be lost if they get their way. It is time for the people of this country to take a stand and send a clear message to the Republican Party. We the People have had enough!!! The only way they will hear the message is through our votes since they ignore public opinion. This is our country not theirs! Now is the time to make this fact known loud and clear! If you enjoy the freedom of choice on the internet as well as in your personal life, I strongly urge you to join in sending a message that Republicans have to listen to by voting against them at every possible corner. A Democratic vote is the only way to accomplish this. I do not swear alliance to any party but am an American trying to help prevent further loss of our rights and freedoms. Please vote and get all of your family and friends to vote. This is the only way to make our, the people's, voice heard! Once they are in office our, the people's, voice no longer matters. Don't fail to come to your country's aid in this it's time of need! Vote the Republican's out! Let them know we will not tolerate their ignoring us! Vote Democratic!!!

An American Citizen for Freedom

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