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Agents Of Light Newsletter. Part 2.

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John Winston

Aug 5, 2012, 1:18:25 AM8/5/12
Subject: Agents Of Light Newsletter. Part 2.
Aug.4, 2012.

This talks about famous people from out past who have volunteered to
be born again and fight to make this world a better place.


Prominent Leaders Who Came Back to Fight Tyranny

In last month's issue we shared how certain key leaders from the 18th
century had
r-incarnated at this time in key roles, to fight again for freedom. While
they may
get ridiculed by po--itician, p-litical pundits and the mainstream media,
they have
the support of the Galactic Federation, and have come from the Light.

Below are a few more of these leaders and heroes from the 18th century that
-eincarnated in this era to fight the tyranny once more!

Ben Franklin (1706-1790) was a true renaissance man of the 18th century. He
possessed many talents and accomplishments, being accomplished as an
author, businessman, diplomat, inventor, musician, printer, politician,
satirist, scientist, and statesman.

He had a major impact on the forming of the United States. One of his
(Walter Issacson) described him as "the most accomplished American of his
age and
the most influential in inventing the type of society America would become."

Franklin was selected to serve as a delegate to the Continental Congress and
the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. He later became a
abolitionist. Franklin was able to ascend, and is now an etheric teacher,
for the Light. His s-ul had also in-arnated as several other significant
such as St. Germaine and Joseph, the father of Yesua (Je--s).

At this time, his soul incar-ated as Dr. Steve P-eczenik. Pi-czenik is a
former official for the U.S. State Department, and a best selling author and
Pie-zenik is considered to be the model that Jack Ryan is based on in the
Clancy books and movies. He is also an expert in international relations and

Dr. Piecz-nik created some controversy by stating that the 9/11 attack and
recent shooting of Osama Bin L-din were false flag operations. Readers may
recall that the September, 2007 issue of Agents of Light explained why Bin
La-in could not have been involved based on his personal frequency and
Light ratio.

John Hancock (1737-1793) was a prominent businessman during the American
R-volution and helped to lead and finance the American colonies battle for
independence. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress and signed
the Articles of Confederation and Declaration of Independence.

Today, his soul has incarnated as Bob F-etcher, an author, businessman, and
Fl-tcher assisted the U.S. Congress in investigating the Iran Contra
scandal. He has also investigated or exposed the m-rder of Sonny Bono,
and the gove-nments involvement in illegal arms sales, d-ug trafficking,
and the use of weather control equipment as w-apons.

Robert M-rris, Jr. (1734-1806), was a delegate to the Continental Congress,
a signer of the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation,
the United States Constitution. From 1781-1784, he served as Superintendent
of Finance and managed the Continental Navy, and except for George
Washington, was considered the most powerful man in America.

Judge Andrew N-politano (born 1950) is a former New Jersey Superior
Court Judge.
He has written numerous books and is an outspoken advocate for personal
He has hosted several television programs, and is currently a po-itical
and judicial analyst for Fox News Channel, commenting on legal news
and trials.

These men are just a few of the dozens of gove-nment, business and
spir-tual leaders that have reincar-ated into circumstances that would
allow them to stand against the global tyranny that seeks to control
and ultimately destroy the planet. We will identify more of these special
and unique personalities in subsequent issues.

Past Life Interventions

Occasionally, a person's etheric teachers will encourage them to get a
Past Life Intervention to help resolve a serious lingering issue in their
present life. Rather than just identify the incident to help a person
"process" the event that caused their suffering, we actually alter
the official Akashic record so that the impact of the event is not felt
in a person's current life; so in essence, it never actually happened.


The following intervention was for a man in Switzerland.


We go to the mid-1800's in the state of Mississippi. We see a young
b-ack boy at the age of seven, and he is with his mother. His name
is Jo. His mother's name is Dolly, and she is a cook and housemaid
for a wealthy family that live on a plantation.

Jo helps his mother a lot, always doing what she needs to make it
easier on her.
Jo stays near his mother to try and stay out of trouble. His father
is no longer around, having been hung with a group of other men,
who were accused of stealing several horses.
Jo knows in his heart that his father would never have done such
a terrible thing.
He always promised his father that he would see after his mother,
and make sure she was safe.
We now see Jo at age 12. He and his mother were sold to a
different family, and now live in a different home in Mississippi.
Jo is not very happy, and though he promised his father he would
always take care of his mom, he is beginning to spend less time
with her, sneaking out and visiting other children who have parents
that also work on the plantation.
Jo has had many close calls and he feels excited when he almost
gets caught, which gives him a surge of energy that is appealing
to him. He begins to stay out longer and longer, always getting
a rush from doing something he is not supposed to do.
He sneaks in and no one in the house has ever caught him. Jo
and his mother sleep in a small back room, near a storage room,
which makes it that much easier for him.
His mother begins to get suspicious around his 13th birthday,
thinking that maybe he had just gone out to do some chores. She
begins to pay more attention and realizes that Jo is actually
sneaking out multiple times day and night. Dolly becomes concerned
when she overhears her masters discussing that bottles of
moonshine have been disappearing from the study. She has
never seen him drink, but something makes her wonder if Jo is
sneaking these bottles when he goes out at night.

It takes her awhile but she begins to carefully pay more
attention to Jo's actions, questioning his every move, what
his activities are, and who he is with. She is concerned that
if he is not careful, he will get into trouble, and end up in the
same situation as his father.
Dolly knows in her heart that Jo is a good son and that being
an only child, having lost his father at a young age, and the
stress that they live under, makes it very hard for him to do
as he would like. There has always been talk about freeing
people like them, so that they no longer have to answer to
anyone themselves. She dreams of the day that her son can
live in peace without the worry that someone will treat him
like an animal, and that maybe someday instead, he will be
treated with respect as he sorely deserves.
One night shortly after Jo's 14th birthday, Dolly overhears
her masters again talking about missing moonshine.
Something makes her feel very strongly that Jo was the one
who took it. She becomes fearful for his safety and tries to
figure out a way to go out and find him, knowing that if she
leaves, suspicions will arise, because she never asks to
leave, and is expected to stay close by her living quarters in
the evening.
Dolly waits until she is certain that the house is asleep, and
she quietly sneaks out the back door nearby her living quarters,
to set out to find her son. All the while, she p-ays for his
safety, because if she is caught and they find out he is
responsible, they will likely beat him, probably giving him
one chance depending on how lenient they may feel at the
Dolly can not bear the thought of losing her son, as she did
her husband. She is wandering the plantation grounds,
whispering his name, frightened and shaking, so afraid that
someone will hear her. She comes upon a barn that is farthest
away from the main home, overhearing laughter and loud voices.
Dolly recognizes Jo's voice and quietly enters the gates of the
barn. Standing there unnoticed, she watches her son with
three other young men, sitting on a pile of hay, drinking
directly from bottles of moonshine. Not one of them is more
than 14 years old. Yet all of them are intoxicated, and
oblivious to anything that could happen around them.

Part 2.

John Winston.

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