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Donald Keyhoe. Part 3 of 3.

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John Winston

Jul 20, 2012, 5:52:21 PM7/20/12
Subject: Donald Keyhoe. Part 3 of 3. July 20,

Here he suggests that we tell the truth of flying saucers to all


On the night of January 12, 1965, an officer of a federal law
enforcement agency had a close encounter. As he was driving his
official car toward Blaine Air F-rce Station, in Washington, a
flying disc 30 feet in diameter hurtled down at his automobile.
At the last moment the disc arced up steeply, avoiding collision.
When the officer jumped out, he saw the UFO hovering overhead.
After a minute, it shot up into clouds at high speed. A short time
afterward, the UFO - or a similar one - was seen landing in a
field near Blaine, melting the snow and scorching the ground
before it took off. When the AF questioned the federal officer,
they said they had tracked the UFO by radar as it raced down
toward his car.
This officer, like many other UFO witnesses, was warned by his
superiors not to let his name be used in connection with the

On January 25, 1965, two NA-A engineers sighted a UFO which
touch landed near Hampton, Virginia. One witness was Maj.
John Nayadley, a retired AF jet pilot. The other was A. G.
Crimmins, who saw the strange machine maneuvering toward
the ground. "It was zigzagging as if searching for a landing
spot," said Crimmins. "I watched it through 20 x 50 binoculars
and I could see flashing lights. They appeared to be on the rim
of a rapidly rotating disc." Before anyone could reach the spot,
the flying disc took off and rapidly climbed out of sight.

The step-up in UFO chases was demonstrated at Washington,
D.C., on January 11, 1965, when AF jets pursued several flying
objects over the city. The chase was confirmed by an A-my
lieutenant-colonel and a group of Army communications
specialists. If jets had been near any of the "touch" sites, they
might have swarmed down and kept the UFO from getting
away. But records of previous attempts to capture UFOs
indicate it will be a tough job. Whether we capture a UFO or
not, the search for the elusive secret will go on. The
connection between gravity and electromagnetic fields may
provide the key to the mystery.

For several years, Burkhard Heim, director of the German
Research Institute of Field Physics at Goettingen, Germany,
has been searching for the answer to the gravity riddle.
Finally, Heim revealed that by direct experimentation he
had discovered a positive lead to antigravity. The discovery
involved an intermediate field, neither electromagnetic nor
gravitational. The results, Heim stated, if applied to space
flight, would be direct levitation, conversion of electricity
into kinetic energy without any waste, and "immunizing the
occupants and the structures of such vehicles against any
effects from acceleration of the vehicle, however great and
violent." After the first shock, several scientists examined
Heim's claims.
"His approach is not in conflict with known laws of nature,
and it agrees with the quantum theory," A.R. Weyl said in an
analysis for the British magazine, Aeronautics. "If Heim
were right, the amazing properties commonly ascribed to
the mysterious flying saucers' would be, in fact, sound
physics and proper engineering." Heim's work toward the
goal of an actual antigravity device using "field inducers"
has evidently been put under official German sec-rity. He
has refused to divulge the key to his formula. Heim's
findings would indicate that antigravity researchers may
discover new scientific laws and that their work may
invalidate old theories. Some scientists are already saying
privately that Einstein's famous "general theory of
relativity" may turn out to be totally fallacious. Newton's
law has also come in for attacks. However, Robert Forward,
G expert of Hughes Aircraft Company, uses the Einstein
theory to show that it is possible to partially nullify the
Earth's gravitational field. The amount of nullification
obtainable with present-day technology is extremely
small, however. Forward predicts that some day, when
our technology is greatly advanced, we will be able to
"create artificial gravity fields at will."

With a real all-out effort this could happen a lot sooner
than the 10 or 20 years many scientists have in mind.
But getting enough top men to work in the field is a
problem. One scientist says, "Scientists are sensitive
about their reputations and many of them still think
antigravity is a joke. If they knew the facts, they'd be
eager to get into it." Fear among scientists is partially
due to the Air f-rce cen-orship of UFO reports. Air for-e
cens-rs not only hide the facts but also belittle those
who publicly report UFO sightings. One recent victim
was Dempsey Bruton, chief of satellite tracking at NA-A's
Wallops Island station in Virginia. On January 5, 1965,
Bruton saw a strange round object flying at terrific
speed toward the station. After it passed overhead,
the UFO shot straight up out of sight.
Using the elapsed time - six to nine seconds - and angles
and times reported by other witnesses, Bruton said
the speed was definitely "several thousand miles per
hour, possibly 8,000 mph. or even higher." The AF,
implying he was incompetent, rejected the report and
said it was not evidence of any technically superior

But AF policy notwithstanding, the drive to get the
se-ret of antigravity is well underway. It can't be stopped
now. But it can be speeded up. We are already spending
billions on the space program - on the r-ce to the moon,
to Mars.
Harnessing gravity could put us years ahead and save
us enormous sums of money.
With control of the universe at stake, a crash program
is imperative. We produced the A-b-mb, under the huge
Manhattan Project, in an amazingly short time. The
needs, the urgency today are even greater. The Air Fo-ce
should end UFO sec-ecy, give the facts to scientists, the
public, to C-ngress. Once the people realize the truth,
they would back - even demand - a crash G program.
For this is one rac- we dare not lose. - Maj. Donald E.
Source: True Magazine 1966 Issue
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Part 3 of 3.

John Winston.

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