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Agents Of Light Newsletter.

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John Winston

Aug 4, 2012, 6:12:28 PM8/4/12

Subject: Agents Of Light Newsletter.
Aug. 4, 2012.

Here is the lastest from Byran J.


Agents of Light Newsletter

July 2012

Welcome to the Agents of Light newsletter. The purpose of our monthly
is to establish contact and support for Lightworkers and their families. We
support for their spiritual growth and ascension, connect them to their
teachers, and train them how to access Light energy for themselves, the
Earth and
all other life on this planet.

There are hundreds of practical uses for Light energy, and it can serve us
and our
children in any manner we can conceive, while also helping raise the Earth's
Our goal is to help create a critical mass of higher frequency energy that
raise the planet's vibration and lead us all into the New A-e.

Besides providing instruction on how to access Light energy and how the
process works, we also help people remove obstacles to their s-iritual
growth and
help them develop a working relationship with their etheric teachers.

In the first article, we discuss the shootings in Colorado and Arizona and
how that
relates to current and future tyranny on the planet. We need to continue to
our hearts to determine whether we are loving others and ourselves. While
this is
truly a difficult time for the planet, we can exponentially expand our
growth at this time.

Next, we take a special look at The Hunger Games movie and share what was
to one person about the future of the planet, and what we can expect to
happen to
our future i-carnations, if we don't expose and resolve the global tyranny
on our planet at this time.

As we did in last month's issue, we identify key personalities from the 18th
that have -eincarnated to help fight the global tyranny that is seeking to
the world, which would ultimately destroy the planet. This month, we
re-ncarnations for Ben Franklin, John Hancock and Robert Morris.

In the next article, we share a Past Life Intervention that the etheric
used, to help a man from Switzerland remove the energies still present after
a very
difficult experience as an African-American slave from Mississippi in the

As we continue on through this challenging year, we will continue to help
Lightworkers and their families, and those who are interested in achieving
We encourage readers to take advantage of the various activations,
readings and training that we make available for those pursuing their

In love and Light,

Bryan J-mes

Colorado Shooting Just Another Attempt to Fool Citizens

Once again, those would seek to enslave the people of this planet and horde
resources have harmed many innocents, and devastated a community through
their senseless k-llings and subsequent plans to reduce our freedoms

Even as the true facts of the case are revealed by eyewitnesses from the
theater and other sources, the mainstream newsmedia obediently ignores
these leads, and instead further develops storylines that help to spread
terrible lies. But the truth is out and the planners will eventually be
exposed. The same is true concerning the Tucson shooting. Past incidents
had the same methodology. Future ones probably will as well. Fortunately,
none of the three men shown will be held accountable by the Holy Ones
for what has been done to them.

Meanwhile, our g-vernments are getting ready to collect all civilian weapons
through the U-ited Nations. The m-litary is preparing to permanently patrol
our streets, and the go-ernments are getting ready for martial law. All of
these things and more, have been well documented by the perpetrators
themselves for many years. None of this should be a surprise to anyone.

As mentioned in last month's issue, deliverance won't come through an
uprising against the globalists, or a spectacular 'second coming' of
Christ. Nor will the Federation ships come to 'beam us up.' But the Holy
Ones will keep the planet from being destroyed, and will help ensure
citizens have opportunities for freedom instead of tyranny.
The rest is up to us, so we have to wake up and see what is happening!

The Holy Ones stress over and over again that we must reflect on our
personal lives, and contemplate how much we are loving others and
ourselves; especially ourselves.
Only by loving ourselves can we hope for eternal life, and later ascension.
only through love of others would they allow us to have eternal life or
By lovingly working through obstacles experienced in this life, we can
our full spi-itual potential.

We can best prepare ourselves by self-examination through meditation and
guidance from our spiri-ual guides and teachers. Everyone has at least 12
teachers and two guides. Call on them and they will guide you to the Light!

Wake Up Planet, or Hunger Games Will Be Reality in 100 Years

Back in March of 2012, I experienced one of the most significant emotional
that I can recall in my life. Four months later, this event still impacts
me, and
reduces me to tears if I dare think about it.

I was dragged to the movie theater by my daughter (now 17) to view the
Games, a movie that I was unaware of, which was adapted from a young adult's
book that I had not heard of either. But she was very excited about seeing
so I tagged along.

The story takes place in the future in the totalitarian nation of Panem
(U.S. I
believe), after some type of catastrophic event had devastated the planet.
Within the 12 regions of the nation, a boy and girl (between the ages of 12
17) are chosen through lottery, to participate in the Hunger Games, and
each child is required to fight to the death until only one remains. There
even some children who are trained to be fighters from the time they can
walk. This annual event is televised, and carried as much glitz, glamour
and drama as our current Olympic games.

The Hunger Games were instituted as punishment for a previous rebellion
the gov-rnment, in which a lot of people were ki-led. This was one method
they used
to control the population, besides also limiting food and the placement of
on every corner.

Not long into the movie, I saw people saluting each other with three
fingers. When
that occurred, my thoughts went back to the fall of 2008, when I found
myself constantly
doing that same thing. I was doing it to everyone, and calling it
praise." I thought it was unusual that I was doing it, so I eventually
decided that
I wasn't sure what it meant, so I should probably stop.

After seeing it in the movie, I didn't think it was funny anymore. In fact,
it was
now tied to quite a bit of emotion and I started tearing up. In the movie,
it was
used to express special thanks, admiration, or to say goodbye to a loved
Several times, it was given after one of the children were kil-ed in battle.

I knew then that there was more to this than just a fictional story. There
had to
be something more to it. The rest of the movie had a great emotional impact
on me, so I decided to ask my etheric teachers about it.

They told me that this was indeed slated to happen in about 100 years. Nine
would implement the games, and they would continue for 74 years. So the
depicted the last time they were held. All told, approximately 74,000 teens
expected to be slaughtered during this period.

The games will end, because the people will again rise up in approximately
years. The leaders of the future uprising include future i-carnations of
Alex Jones
and Jesse Ventura, among others including myself.

Hunger Games was published by Suzanne Collins on September14, 2008, which
was the same month that I started unwittingly using the salute. She had
received some criticism because of the similarities between Collins' book
the Japanese novel Battle Royale (published in 1999 by Koushun Takami).

I learned that Collins had a former -ncarnation as Charles Dodgeson (Lewis
who wrote many popular stories throughthe years, such as Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass. He was profiled in our
February, 2012 issue. Dodgeson is now supporting Collins as one of her
spi-itual guides.

Battle Royale was also intended as a warning about to the planet about this
future event. Both Takami and Collins received their inspiration from the
dimension, as this is often done to try and help us awaken before it is too

In this case, it is not too late for the planet yet. But as this point,
like this are still scheduled for our future. Some people may ask, "But why
I care? I'll be long dead by then. That is true, even though their
grandchildren and beyond will have to deal with it.

But what they don't realize is that those grandchildren will be us, because
we will all be back during that time, in a subsequent in-arnation. Each and
every one of us. So we had better deal with this now. We need to stop the

Part 1.

John Winston.

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