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The hero we didn't know we needed: Guy Fieri offers to feed Area 51 raiders

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Jul 21, 2019, 2:07:08 PM7/21/19
With the official ‘Storm Area 51’ Facebook event boasting over 1.5
million attendees, and another 1.2 million who are “interested”, it
raises some real questions. Thankfully, Guy Fieri is here with answers.

First, how do people actually get there? The coordinates for Area 51
are 37.233333, -115.808333, which lands you about 2 and a half hours
north of Las Vegas in the middle of the desert.

So after flying into Vegas, you have a decent drive ahead of you. Sure,
you can pack a lot of water and some snacks, but even if 1% of the 1.5
million people actually show up, that’s still 15,000 people, someone’s
bound to get hungry, and there just won’t be enough restaurants in the
area to satisfy all those hungry raiders.

Enter: Chef and all-around good guy Guy Fieri.

We’ve seen the mayor of flavortown serve food for firefighters during
the wildfire outbreak in California last fall. Prior to that, Fieri
made food for evacuees of the wildfires – while being displaced from
the fires himself.

So it only makes sense that now, in another time of need, Fieri would
step up to the plate and serve the true #heroes that will be storming
Area 51 this fall, as he announced on Twitter:

Yes, that’s a real tweet from Guy’s real account.

Of course everyone who isn’t a Boomer knows that this is all one big
joke (however, the military still has to prepare as if it’s real,
because you know some idiot will actually show up). Guy very clearly is
in on the joke, as he’s cooking “radioactive ribs”.

The responses to his tweet have not disappointed, though.

Some asked very important questions:

I don’t know the answer to that. Some know the secret is all in the


Others wanted him to join on the front lines:

He’s a chef, not a combat cook. Or maybe he is, idk.

Others thought that perhaps Guy was sharing a secret he’s held for a
long time:

And just because it needs to be said: Hey, you know, don’t actually try
to storm Area 51. Because it won’t work. You know, because of things
like this – Share But if you are curious about what actually happens
(and who isn’t?), you can watch a live stream put together buy a Las
Vegas-based company called “Area 15”. If you sign up on their website
(and presumably join their mailing list – clever marketing indeed),
you’ll get access to a live stream event they plan to put on come

Well played.

Watching Democrats come up with schemes to "catch Trump" is like
watching Wile E. Coyote trying to catch Road Runner.

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