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Healer Of Brazil. Part 2 of 2.

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John Winston

Aug 4, 2012, 1:11:51 AM8/4/12
Subject: Healer Of Brazil. Part 2 of 2.
Aug. 3, 2012.

This person has been discussed on Oprah.


The place designated was the small town of Abadiana. In the
beginning, he sat in a chair near the main road and attended to whatever
sick people came to see him, but in 1993 the Mayor donated a site outside
the town where Joao built his Center, called �The Casa Dom Inacio�, �The
House of Ignatius� named in honor of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the
J-suit order. The State M-dical Association guaranteed that he would be
allowed to practice his healing there in peace.
Few will contest that in his work at the Casa Dom Inacio, Jaoa Teixeira de
Faria, in the full glare of publicity, has become the world�s most
documented and respected s-iritual healer. The administration of the Casa
Dom Ignacio have as a deliberate policy invited the world�s media to witness
his work without restriction, because of the numerous attempts over the
years to dismiss him as a fraud. Failing in that effort, many sought to
discredit him personally in any way possible, the age-old technique of those
who have despaired of winning in any other manner. People very often freak
out when they see powerful manifestations that cannot be explained in terms
of current scientific knowledge.
Joao Teixeira de Faria does not like the name �John of G-d� (�Jaoa de Deus�
in Portuguese) but prefers to be known as �Me-ium Joao,� even though the
word �me-ium� is a damaged term in the English language because of its
unfortunate nineteenth century associations. To be a medi-m, he has stated,
�requires loving Go- above all else, and your fellow human beings as
yourself.� His healing work at the Casa Dom Inacio is based on the
principles of Sp-ritism, a system that has no dogma, but consists of
teachings that investigate the relationships between the physical and
non-physical worlds. The beings for which John of -od becomes the med-um are
individuals who no longer have a physical body but who wish to intervene in
the world to relieve suffering. If being a medi-m requires loving your
fellow human beings as yourself, there can be no greater form of it than
laying down one�s conscious self into a state of sleep, while d-sincarnate
entities use your body as a vessel to perform their work. Joao acts as a
med-um for about thirty of these �sp-rit doctors� who claim to be able to
heal all manner of physical, spir-tual and psychological illnesses, and on
each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between four hundred to two thousand
people from all over the world come to the Casa Dom Inacio to ask for help.
Miceal kneeling down in front of Joao Teixeira de Faria
Joao states that di-ine consciousness is the guiding force that inspires all
of the work of these entities at the Casa Dom Inacio that have identified
themselves. The principal beings are individuals who were physicians in
Brazil during their physical -ncarnations such as Dr. Bezerra de Menezes
(+1900), Dr. Augusto de Almeida (+1908), Dr. Oswaldo Cruz (+1917), and Dr.
Jose Valdivino, about whom very little is known. Above all of these is the
presence of Inacio of Loyola, in whose honor the Casa is named. Inacio was
born into a Basque noble family in 1491 and after a full life of adventure
as a Spanish Knight at the court of King Ferdinand of Spain he was severely
wounded in both legs at the Battle of Pamplona in 1521. This brought about a
profound change in his life, which led to his becoming a priest in 1537, and
his founding of the Je-uits in 1540. He had once come under suspicion by the
Inquisition but after intense questioning was released.
He quietly continued his healing work in the barracks, but once after he had
operated on a doctor�s leg which healed remarkably quickly, his s-cret was
out and he soon found himself recognized as the spirit-al healer for the
civil and mi-itary authorities.
The central building at the Casa Dom Inacio is known as the Great Hall where
the participants gather at 8.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. They are asked not to
wear colored clothing as it makes it more difficult for the in-arnating
Entity to read the energy fields of those seeking assistance.
Participants are then taken into the First Current Room. �Current� refers to
the creative life force which Joao teaches can be intensified in every
living person by focus and meditation. In the First Current Room the
participants are requested to reflect on what it is they wish to have healed
and to become aware of what it is that is blocking their full health. These
procedures admirably fulfill what Professor Amit Goswami has described as
�the process of preparation and surrender before the quantum leap of healing
takes place.�
After a period in the first Current Room, the participants go into the
Second Current Room when the entity incorporating into the body of Joao is
seated in a chair. He is referred to as �the Entity� when inca-nating some
of these spi-it doctors. Each person seeking healing passes before him and
is �scanned� by the Entity who will perform the healings. The healings may
be mental, emotional, physical or sp-ritual. The Entity may prescribe
healing herbs or an operation.
The operations are done in the Surgery Room and may consist of spi-itual
surgery, where the physical body is not touched, or physical surgery for
those who may feel the need for some more tangible evidence that something
has been done for them. According to Joao the healing is the same, whether
the operation is spi-itual or physical. John of -od says that what he does
is ultimately possible for anyone to do. Some of the techniques used in
the physical surgeries may include inserting a hemostat or medical forceps
several inches into the nasal cavity, or the scraping of the eyeball with a
knife. This treatment is not just for eye ailments, because according to the
Entities the eye represents the entire system of the body. If tumors or
other growths are to be removed the skin is cut open to do so. There is no
anesthesia used and there is minimal b-eeding, while the patient feels
almost no pain, if any at all. Several years go John of G-d
suffered a stroke and was paralyzed on one side. He also suffered a heart
attack more recently. In both cases the Entities did physical surgeries on
his body and he was restored to normal. John of G-d cannot stand the sight
of bl-od, but fortunately for him he was not aware of any of these
operations on himself. Many individuals have had physical surgeries without
their bodies being physically touched.
My friends witnessed a woman who had opted for a physical surgery become
panic-stricken when she stood before the Entity. She had a can-erous tumor
beneath her left rib cage. He asked for her to be seated in a chair next to
him in order to calm her down, and after he had seen the four or five
hundred remaining people in the line, he then asked her how she felt. She
said she was much better. He then asked her to lift up the left hand side of
her shirt in the place where the problem was. The marks of an incision were
there and the canc-r had been removed, without her ever being touched or
being aware of anything. There are many similar accounts, some of which have
been featured in the various documentaries made about John of -od.
I believe any fair minded person who is willing to look objectively at the
phenomena surrounding John of Go- will have to concede that something
extraordinary is happening here, however much it may insult their view of
how reality actually is. If tumors or other growths are to be
removed the skin is cut open to do so. There is no anesthesia used and there
is minimal ble-ding, while the patient feels almost no pain, if any at all.
How one explains that is of course another matter entirely. Some will see
the occurrences as magical in nature, others will locate them in that
borderland area of re-igion where superstitions thrive. And of course for
seasoning�s sake there will always be the sprinkling of those who believe it
is the work of the d-vil. Others will see it as a �blick� into possible
future states of humanity, when healing comes from a larger understanding of
the quantum states of reality than we have customarily had. And of course
John of -od says that what he does is ultimately possible for anyone to do.
The day my friends and I were departing from the Casa Dom Inacio, to say
goodbye we went to meet John of G-d in a small living room beside the Great
Hall where he was taking a rest between sessions. I had purchased a volume
that recounted his recorded healings and asked him to autograph it for me. I
knew he was not able to read and write but also knew that a few years ago he
had learned to sign his name. I had seen his autograph, a childish, unformed
hand with a backward slope. He signed the book and handed it back to me. It
was only later when I opened it on the journey home that I saw the
autograph. It was not in the childish hand of Joao Teixeira de Faria, nor
was it even his name. In a stylish, mature, and flowing hand was boldly
written �Inacio.� Related Multimedia:

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Part 2 of 2.

John Winston.

John Winston

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