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Agents Of Light Newsletter. Part 3 of 3.

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John Winston

Aug 5, 2012, 5:06:00 PM8/5/12
Subject: Agents Of Light Newsletter. Part 3 of 3.
Aug. 5, 2012.

This shows how the past can be changed.


She immediately becomes frightened. She rushes over and grabs her son, as
the bottle
falls from his hand, spilling on the hay, and drags him out of the barn. He
loud and disrespectful, trying to get loose from her grip. She tells him
that her
grip is nothing compared to what could happen to him if he is caught by the
of the house. She does not let go of him, by now, literally dragging him
He decides that he better be quiet and somehow he manages to get back on his
humbling himself, walking beside his mother with her help. It takes them a
longer to get back to their room, so that no one can see them. They
creep back into the house, and she sits him down on his bed and once again
to him what could happen, leaving out no details about what happened to his
telling him it could be the same if he does not change his ways.
The next day, Dolly has another conversation with Jo, and he makes promises
he will not sneak off or steal anymore. She begs him to keep his promise,
they go about their duties of the day.
Next we see Jo at age 16. He is not very happy and feels that there has to
be something
more in life than staying around, helping his mother. He had made many
to her that he would not do anything that would get him into trouble, when
he was
14. He has done well, but recently he had been spending time with a group
of young
men who were his age and they were not the best type of persons he could
for a friend.
His mother tried to help him understand that he does not have to be like
else. She wanted him to be thankful for what they were given, because they
fortunate enough to live in a home with a room of their own, and many other
did not live inside of their master's living quarters. They always have food
their masters treated them better than most, but she always had a fear that
day Jo would do something to go against the trust of the masters and her by
his promises.
Jo began to spend more time away as he had previously done. Dolly
questioned him
and he denied that he was doing anything wrong. She reminded him of the
he may face should he do anything illegal and against their owners.
Dolly was sleeping soundly one night when she was suddenly awakened by loud
and commotion. People were screaming, "Find him, get him now!" And her
heart sunk
into her stomach. She felt sick. She knew in her soul that they were
looking for
She quietly came out of her room, so as not to appear alarmed, and asked her
if there was anything she could do to help. She was told that someone had
all of the moonshine from the house as well as a large sum of money, and she
to know if Dolly knew where Jo was at the time.
Dolly told her that she did not know where Jo was, that she did not believe
he would do such a thing. "Please, please, bring my son home to me! Please
hurt my son! We slaves are supposed to be freed soon. Please understand
that he
is just a boy. I cannot lose my son, and be alone."
The master's wife told her it was out of her control, and he should have
known better,
because this had gone on for too many years. He was just very lucky he had
been caught sooner.
The master and other servants left the home to look for Jo and his friends.
came across the barn where they had been going to for three years. Buried
the hay, was many bottles of alcohol as well as large sums of money that had
stolen. The boys were not in the barn, and the reason they had not been
sooner was this barn had not been used productively for many years.
The master gave orders to find the boys. They were found hiding nearby a
lake just
below the barn. After capture, Jo and his three friends were given no mercy.
to the fact that they had been doing these things for more than three years,
was no leniency. They were taken immediately into custody and the very next
at dusk, they were put up in trees, and sadly they were hung for all to see,
to teach others a lesson.
Sadly, a short time after, Jo's mother was freed from being a slave. And
had he
kept his promises to his father and mother, he would have been freed as
Light energy given in intervention
1. Gold/Silver Flame combo
2. Silver/While Flame from Lady Athena
3. Crystal Iridescent Flame from Genesh
4. White Fire from Lord C-rist
5. Orange/Red Fire from Arch-ngel Michael
6. Gold Flame from Archa-gel Michael
Intervention results
We see Jo at the age of 14, and he is helping his mother with her chores
the house. He is very helpful, wanting to keep his promise to his father,
to always
be there and care for his mother.
Jo rarely ventures away from the plantation and if he does, he only does so
the permission of his mother, always letting her know where he is and who he
is with.
He is terrified of doing anything that could cause him to get into trouble
his master.
He knows that eventually the day will come that he and his mother will be
set free.
And he looks forward to the day that he can have his own family and raise
his own
children in a free world.
When Jo is nearly 17 year old, his mother and he are told that they are
going to
be given special papers that say they are no longer bound to their masters.
also said that they may leave and are now free. Their masters are kind and
them a good sum of money to go out and begin a life on their own.
Jo eventually meets a beautiful young woman who was raised very similarly,
lost her father at a very young age. They were married when he was 18 and
had two
boys at a very young age. They were very happy throughout their years
Jo lived to be 62 years old, and di-d from a respiratory problem.


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Part 3 of 3.

John Winston.

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