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Star Trek. Part 4.

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John Winston

Aug 2, 2012, 3:36:13 PM8/2/12
Subject: Star Trek. Part 4.
Aug. 2, 2012.

This shows how the past can be changed.


At present they are only able to move forward in time about
20 years, and are unable to navigate into the past. In time,
when the apparatus utilized is converted from magnetic
forces to crystalline bio-plasmic field this will be improved
considerably, and time navigation will be deliberate and not
by random mishap.
Optimal time navigation occurs in Mer-Ka-Na through a
consciousness refined Plasmic field, and while certainly aided in
terms of time vector by crystalline apparatus, it is primarily
operated by the light-consciousness quotient of the traveler.
Many of you time travel in dream state quite often, and therein
is the key to how it will be optimally done when you learn to
be more lucid in expansive conscious states.
There are indeed Laws of Physics that apply to how time and space
are navigated intra-dimensionally. In the not so distant future
Humanity will rediscover these laws. And when this takes place,
the seeming boundaries between past, present and future
will be better understood. As we have already explained duality
experience in the third dimension contains programmed
parameters that limit mankind's greater dimensionality
It is indeed these 3d single lens filters that create the linear
illusion of sequential unfolding of time. This then is precisely
the reason mankind believes that one moment exists and is
gone forever, and the next moment comes and like the one
before also evaporates into the great elusive mist of the
past. We tell you that everything in and on the Omni-Earth
and indeed the Multiverse exists at once, simultaneously.

The past, present and future only appear to those who exist
within three-dimensional reality. And the programs that
separate time-epoch files on the Omni-Earth can be navigated.

The Past is Dynamic

The past and future as you 'believe it to be' exists as a series
of electromagnetic receptors held in the crystalline portion
of the physical brain and in the nonphysical mind within the
ultra violet field. These electromagnetic codlings can be
changed, and in fact are in constant flux.
You script your destiny, and your destiny is not a linear one-
way dynamic. Your creation of your past is just as important
as the creation of your present and future.
The past then, is quite malleable and no more fixed than
your future.
Now, your mental process and beliefs create your past, and
there are as many valid versions of the past as there are of
the future. We tell you that if the next generation were all to
be taught from an early age that the Roman Empire ruled the
world until the 17th century, indeed that past would become
a reality, and evidence would be found to confirm it. Yet it
would be a completely different past from which the older
generation constructed. But BOTH would be true. Both
would be separate yet valid files within the hologramic
programs of time. As humans in duality, you take it for
granted that present action can change the future, but present
actions can and do change the past as well. The past is no
more detached or uninvolved from your present than the
decisions you make today. We share a great truth for you to
ponder, and that is that everything you do effects your
past, and you can accordingly remove what you may term
traumas and misactions that occurred years ago or
lifetimes ago from your present stance.
Furthermore, all of you are required to do so! The
electromagnetic crystallographic portals within the human
brain are forged and mantled totally and completely by
each of you, and uniquely so. The probable past can be
changed, and such changes are far from uncommon. These
changes do happen spontaneously on a subconscious
basis. You can now learn to do this consciously by entering
Quantum Consciousness via Mer-Ka-Na. The linear aspect
of the past is rarely what you remember it to be. In fact
you constantly rearrange your memory of the past with the
experience of each new moment, each new occurrence. It
is a constant metamorphosis from the instant of any
given experiential event. Your hypnotherapists are aware
that pseudo-memories of fictitious or altered past events
can be implanted in the brains of humans through deep
state inducement, and in a very real sense these memories
and the way they effect the subjects present become
quite real.
So, it follows to reason that the future, present and past are
always re-created by each individual as beliefs, attitudes and
associations evolve and change. And take note that what occurs
is a real-time actual recreation, not a metaphoric one. The changes
you make are quite real. The small inner child is indeed still
within the adult human as you progress in years. But that inner
child is also dynamic, not molded into a permanent version that
remains as it was.

The child within the human constantly changes every day, as does
the teenager, young adult and elderly you in your future.
The Power of Now
Accordingly, it is now incumbent on you as you enter the Ascension
energies, to grasp the power of NOW, and realize that you can and
must change the past, your individual past, from the stance of Now..
Within the NOW, you can convert to the Mer-Ka-Na and as such
gain the contrrols of all within your multidimensionality. That is
a sacred Universal Truth, and that Truth expands when you
enter into it. It expands into power that allows you the fulcrum
of co creation in the singular moment of NOW, above linear time
and hologramic sojourns within time in the Omni Earth.
We tell you that personal issues and blockages can and do arise when
appropriate evolvement of the past are stymied and not allowed to
spontaneously take place. In some scenarios, serious neurosis occurs
precisely because an individual has not changed his or her past. For
example, a lifetime may be chosen in which you a part of a catastrophic
event that results in a traumatic loss of life. This may have been chosen
for myriad reasons of growth. Perhaps, as one example, in sequentianl
lifetimes the entity is far more appreciative of time spent with love
ones because of having learned that life can seemingly end
unexpectedly. Yet such powerful traumas that were chosen for lesson
in one life time are often so emotionally over-charged that they
can and do bleed over and negatively affect other lifetime programs.

This untoward over-bleed may express itself as an intense fear of
flying or perhaps a fear of water from drowning, and such. Masters, you
can enter into Quantum Consciousness and remove the negative,
retain the growth lesson, and replace the event entirely with a positive
alternative. You can change the past!
While it is incumbent upon you to truly understand that there was
indeed reason, that you have chosen to experience any trauma, it is also
true that some of the traumatic or less desirable experiences simply
have the purpose of showing you what can occur if you do not
consciously create your own realities. If you hold a mental state of
belief that the world is evil, or that you are undeserving, that very
individualized mental projection will faithfully draw untoward
experience into the physical reality in which your mindset manifested
it. In all cases, however, you have the ability and need to draw the
lesson, and then change, dissolve the past experience into a
more positive one. This is requisite, and can be done consciously
in Mer-Ka-Va and Mer-Ka-Na levels of consciousness.
The key again, is understanding that all realities are in flux. All can
be altered.

Quantum Consciousness

Masters, Your realities in all sojourns are constantly in a state of
fluidity. Nothing you have experienced is written in stone, but
humanity has in large forgotten this truth. So we tell you that each
scenario you experience is but one of many potentials from an
immense menu of possibility. The ones you do not experience, in
your terms, are just as valid as the ones you do.
Accordingly you have the ability to go back at any vector thru
Mer-Ka-Na Quantum Consciousness, to change any reality. If
you have chosen (and all of you have) a particularly traumatic
experience, you can alter it to one that is of your choosing.
Always remember that the world is indeed formed holographically
by your thought processes in actual image reflection of your
own creation. When you truly understand that your physical
experiences and environs are fully the materialization of your
own structured mental creation and beliefs, then you hold the
key to unlocking the door to scripting the future and indeed
re-scripting what you think of as the past.

This is manifested through intent and optimal use of your divine
But this requires concentrated deliberation and focal effort.
In the course of realizing your true power, free will is a
double edged sword until wisdom and enlightenment is
re-acquired. Using your free will haphazardly in less conscious
lifetimes can and does make physical reality into something
quite less than what it can optimally be in your sojourns. But again
from over view, this also has the ultimate result through cause
and effect of your greater growth.

Part 4.

John Winston.

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