Re: Why are people dying after getting the Covid vaccine. Pathologists now have answers

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Oct 6, 2021, 7:55:02 PMOct 6
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RabidHussar <> wrote:
> On 2021-10-06 9:39 a.m., Tom Jones wrote:
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> > after-covid-vaccination/>
> >
> > "Why are people dying after getting the Covid vaccine? Pathologists now
> > have answer"
> >
> > "In September 20, 2021, a group of several dozen physicians and
> > pathologists held a day-long symposium at the Institute of Pathology in
> > Reutlingen, Germany, to try and figure out why hundreds of thousands of
> > people have died in Europe, alone, not to mention other parts of the
> > world, soon after getting a Covid-19 vaccine shot. I present their data
> > and conclusions, below.
> >
> > What you are about to see is an immunological catastrophe on a global
> > scale. I was a prize-winning historian who taught for decades at an Ivy
> > League university, plus I have 2.5 years of PhD-level training in
> > molecular biology and immunology (see below). These slides reveal a
> > level of depravity and human destruction unprecedented in history. The
> > worst part is, this immunological timebomb has been injected into
> > hundreds of millions of people, including children.
> >
> > (Excerpt) Read more at ..."
> It doesn't matter. They will continue to pretend that it's helping
> people and claim that anyone who is hurt or died from it got the disease
> rather than the supposed vaccine against it. Meanwhile, people who
> believe that they still have freedom will be the first ones to mandate
> an injection of the poison to have the right to work.
> Those of us who choose to stand up against it will be demonized and
> excommunicated from society.

Everyone who got the vaccines is immunized against alien
kidnapping. Those who didn't get the stab are fair game to be


Oct 7, 2021, 8:03:26 AMOct 7
They want everyone to get vaccinated so that they can say that whatever
consequences the vaccinated face can be blamed on some natural
phenomenon rather than on the injection of harmful chemicals into the
human body. The solution, at that point, will be further injections
which will cause even more consequences that will be "solved" by yet
another injection.

And cumstainv will line up for every one of those shots, too stupid to
understand what is going on.



Oct 7, 2021, 8:28:07 AMOct 7
RabidHussar wrote:

>They want everyone to get vaccinated so that (nonsense snipped)

Was anyone fooled by that ridiculous nonsense?

The shitty, lying, right-wing propagandist just makes it up as he goes
along. *Everything* is some evil conspiracy.

All the doctors are in on it, even! They don't want, hurt, not help!


'ROFL to "Nigger University."' - "Slimer"


Oct 7, 2021, 9:17:12 AMOct 7
chrisv wrote:

>All the doctors are in on it, even! They don't want, hurt, not help!

I meant to say, sarcastically, that doctors want to hurt, not help!


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