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Dec 22, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/22/96

i ve been following the Hale Bopp saga for a while now, and though i
freely admit to being no scientist, it has got me interested.,....

any scientists out there who could give me their opinions?..

ZetaTalk: Hale- Bopp


[ZetaTalk dated August 6, 1995]

The Hale-Bopp comet does not exist. It is a fraud, perpetrated by
those who would have the teeming masses quiescent until it is too
late. Hale-Bopp is nothing more than a distant star, and will draw no
closer. Such is the choice for this fraud that its characteristics
cannot be affirmatively proven until some time has passed. Is it a
distant exploding star? Can't say. Is it moving? Can't say for sure.
Is it drawing nigh? Can't say. All is speculation. It has the same
appearance as the 12th Planet at the current time - a blurry glowing
orb that seems to stand still. But Hale-Bopp is not even coming from
the same direction as the 12th Planet. How has the elliptical path of
Hale-Bopp been calculated, such that it simulates the elliptical path
ascribed to the 12th Planet? How was the Periodic Nature of Hale-Bopp
calculated to be close to the periodic nature of the 12th Planet? How
coincidental, and the results published and seared into the memory of
the populace before the data can be examined or questioned.

Science such as this would not make it into scientific journals, but
has made the press, and this is not by accident. The press was
directed to do so. The perpetrators, the establishment and wealthy,
are on the top of the heap at present and do not wish the heap to
start moving about under them. They would have the rest of mankind
become aware of the 12th Planet's approach only when it is too late to
react. They, however, have already reacted. As time passes, just as
with the Roswell autopsy tapes, the Foundation of these claims will be
eroded. By 1996 or 1997, the supposed arrival time of Hale-Bopp, the
truth will be well known. What will not be well known is that the real
danger is still on its way. The 12th Planet, a true messenger of
death, will not even get the attention the fraudulent Hale-Bopp is
getting today. That's because it's a real threat, not a diversion.
Don't look to Sagittarius, look to the left of Betelgeuse in late
2001, and keep looking!

[ZetaTalk dated August 14, 1995]

If the newspapers print it, then it must be so. But the newspapers are
only printing what the bureaucrats have put forth. If NASA gives it
space and puts the name comet to it, it must be so. But NASA itself is
only summarizing what individual contributors have said. NASA has
boldly posted other people's comments about the exploding star that is
called comet Hale-Bopp, but NASA itself is not commenting. Why so shy?
This normally conservative organization, which does not even list a
body as an official comet unless it has been observed, tracked, and
made a cycle within the last 75 or so years, is giving center stage to
a body that has never formerly been seen and has no track record. NASA
itself avoids mentioning the Hale-Bopp orbit, as to do so would
require confirming the false 1993 image of Hale-Bopp by an Australian
observatory, an image that will be discovered, in due time, to be
incorrect. It is this sighting and this sighting alone that an orbit
is based on. NASA was not willing to sully its reputation by
falsifying its 1993 image capture. Thus, no mention of the orbit.

Why has Hale-Bopp, at this time, decided to fragment and explode,
growing in brightness? This is decidedly not the pattern that comets
present, but it is the pattern of exploding stars, super novas, which
become for a brief time visible, and then wink out. The path of
Hale-Bopp was supposed to pass between the Earth and the Sun, in a
similar manner to the true path of the 12th Planet, and now is
announced to have a turn-around closer to Mars. Just so will the tale
of the supposed comet change over time. Mark Our Words. We, ZetaTalk,
are telling you that the announcement will be made that Hale-Bopp has
utterly fragmented, long before its trumpeted arrival date. Why so?
How else to explain an exploding star that winked out. How convenient
for the perpetrators of the falsehood. What's next? Oh, that the 12th
Planet, when eventually sighted, is no more real or dangerous than
this clever fraud.

[ZetaTalk dated August 17, 1995]

Hale-Bopp was pronounced a comet when it does not, truly, meet the
requirements for a comet. Do not the bureaucrats who assign numbers
and name the celestial body after the finder check on these matters?
No! They have a minimum requirement, three points, and if these line
up into what can be computed as a reasonable orbit - all is well and
all is accepted. What this means is that three people, working in
collusion, can produce a fraud. In fact, since the proofs, the three
points, can come from a single source, it only takes one person to
produce a fraud. Without the 1993 image the recorded orbit of
Hale-Bopp is so many pin-points on the head of a pin. They are all in
the same place. The diffuse brightness of an exploding star provides a
fairly large area of bright points, as the mass of the star spirals
outward with fiercely burning portions away from the star center,
which is dimming. Just which of those little pin points is considered
the so-called comet head? No one can say, as the so-called comet head
has not been located without the coma usually presented. This blur or
that is called a faint coma at times, and no tail has been found, so
the artists who would draw an orbit for Hale-Bopp are given a free

What about Hale-Bopp marks it as a comet? On appearance it is an
exploding star - appearing suddenly and increasing rapidly in
brightness, diffuse in appearance rather than with the coma expected
of a comet, and having no tail to speak of. There are several
irregularities that should have prevented Hale-Bopp from being labeled
comet so breezily by the bureaucrats so cooperatively looking the
other way.

彦irst, where it has been noted that Hale-Bopp should have shown up on
a 1991 image as well as the famous 1993 image, if it were a comet,
this has been explained away as an outburst at the current time.
Outbursts occur when comets fragment on nearing the Sun, being of a
composition that cannot withstand the exposure.

百econd, the outburst story stands directly at odds with the orbital
computation, which places Hale-Bopp, so the story goes, in a regular
orbit around the Sun every 4,000 years or so!

謬hird, the triangulation required is in fact not a triangulation at
all, in the case of Hale-Bopp, as in truth only the current position
and the falsified 1993 image are being used as the base. Are there not
nightly movements in the placement of Hale-Bopp? As an exploding star
increases in size and brightness, then dims and fades, the area where
these points can be placed is relatively large and, in fact, at the
current time, moving outward at the edges.

彦ourth, no one is challenging how these points are determined. Are
they the supposed comet's head? As no one has located a comet head in
the diffuse brightness, those who position points across the face of
Hale-Bopp have been given a free hand.

Pick the orbit you want, calculate back in time and alter a single
image accordingly, pepper a few hundred points across the diffuse
brightness of an exploding star - and voile, you have a comet!

[ZetaTalk dated August 29, 1995]

Much hoop-la has been made over the supposed orbit of Hale-Bopp. Have
the details of how the orbit was calculated been published where the
layman can see it? Heavens no! This would set the argument to rest all
too quickly, and they would not be settled in the favor of Hale-Bopp
being a comet. The so-called orbit is so many pin-points on the head
of a pin. They are all in the same place! Take a look, folks, at the
points the orbit is drawn on, sans the 1993 now qualified image
provided by McNaught. The diffuse brightness of an exploding star
provides a fairly large area of bright points, as the mass of the star
spirals outward with fiercely burning portions away from the star
center, which is dimming. Just which of those little pin points is
considered the so-called comet head? No one can say, as the so-called
comet head has not been located without the coma usually presented.
This blur or that is called a faint coma at times, and no tail has
been found, so the artists who would draw an orbit for Hale-Bopp are
given, as we have said, a free hand.

肘s no one asking how these point are placed, and whether they are
essentially in the same place?

肘s no one questioning that this so-called comet, which is supposedly
undergoing an outburst, is not exhibiting any recordings commensurate
with an outburst? Aim your arguments less at our emissary and more to
the facts of the matter, which have yet to be discussed on this
supposedly scientific message board!

[ZetaTalk dated September 26, 1995]

The IAU experts have said it is a comet. JPL members have said it is a
comet. But no comet emissions have been discerned except by an Arizona
friend of Hale's, and this going into Hale's September 21 New Mexico
bash. These tentative emissions hardly weigh against La Silla's study,
which is authoritative. Why did La Silla call Hale-Bopp an "unusual"
comet, with a broad area of a supposed dust cloud not usually found
surrounding a comet. The answer is quite simple, but would not come to
the mind of those not given to deception. Hale-Bopp was announced as a
comet in early August. At this point only large telescopes could sight
it, and all large telescopes world wide were expected to cooperate.
The supposed orbit of Hale-Bopp was calculated backwards, and we have
only the conspirators word for the location of their points. They
bought themselves time, and now will bury Hale-Bopp in a "star rich"
field so the receding orbit points cannot be verified. Those who
cannot find Hale-Bopp where it is supposed to be have been confused,
just as those who could not find Hale-Bopp until now have had weak

This is a conspiracy that was thought through before it went public.
The what-ifs were done with the current curiosity of the public in
mind. What was not counted on was our honesty, and the dedication of
our emissary, Nancy, to withstand all insults and assaults. This
conspiracy cannot withstand the cold scrutiny of scientists, if they
would only look! This is all we are asking, is for humans to refuse to
be duped, as duped they have been in this matter.

[ZetaTalk dated October19, 1995]

This unfortunate conspiracy began with the best of intentions at the
bequest of MJ12, in fact, who had neglected to update their lackeys on
the latest. The conspirators were going under the prior directives,
which were to focus attention away from the pending reentry of the
12th Planet into your Solar System. Minding their mission, they rose
to the challenge of increasing chatter on the message boards about
Pole Shifts and 12th Planets and Global Warming. All this chatter
reached a threshold, in no small part due to our emissary, Nancy,
posting our warnings, and they went into red alert. The plan had been
all along to use a distant nova for a distraction, and as novas of
this quality are actually not all that infrequent, they grabbed the
next one coming along - Hale-Bopp. In well rehearsed synchronicity,
they sprang into action, only to discover after doing their faithful
duty that the directives from MJ12 had changed. Oops.

MJ12 now wants the populace to be aware of the coming cataclysms, to
ease their conscience and to allow that portion of mankind that will
listen to the warnings to prepare, lest mankind slip back into the
Dark Ages afterwards. A commendable change of heart, from alliance
with the New World Order crowd which want to keep mankind ignorant and
in the dark, to alliance with education and self-help. However, this
switch in directives has caught the faithful servants in a dilemma. If
Hale-Bopp has been touted as the Millennium Comet, and various
notaries have gone on record blessing this interpretation, how to back
gracefully away? This is the situation you see today, where the
formerly breathlessly anticipated comet of the century is now being
wrapped in mourning clothes. It is fragmenting, and is highly likely
to disappoint. Look for more of the same, as this avenue best saves

[ZetaTalk dated October 25, 1995]

Should the public be well convinced that Hale-Bopp is a comet and
moving, there would be no reason for an angry defense against our
statements. The public has been given many images of Hale- Bopp, all
with slightly different backgrounds, as the light range was adjusted
each time to allow or screen out certain spectrums. Thus, it appears
from the photos that Hale-Bopp must be moving. But the photos have not
been provided by the public, the photos have been provided by friends
of the conspirators, who are brave only because they are many. And
what do they get in return for this assistance? A good nights sleep,
knowing that one has not offended the powers that be, being a hale
fellow and cooperative, and that one will not be harassed but will be
assisted should one need a helping hand in the future. Most humans
would not challenge the establishment to save their teeth. They
certainly would not challenge the establishment to preserve the truth.
Is the world of astronomy any different from the world of man
elsewhere, where men sell their souls for comfort and security and
inclusion, daily? Why should it be?

Conspirators have also lined up images of Hale-Bopp to give the
impression of a carefully plotted orbit. Those images which would show
the orbit points plotted on empty space have been excluded. Where
bright parts of the exploding star Hale-Bopp happen to line up with
the orbit, these images they have retained. The public, which has
either been unable to find Hale-Bopp where it is supposed to be or has
been directed to an area of the sky so crowded with dim stars not even
on the map that they can always find something that might be
Hale-Bopp, will continue to be duped by those who either do not want
to admit they were wrong, or those who do not want the public
believing ZetaTalk. Their motives matter not at this point, as the
result is the same. A falsehood, loudly and angrily proclaimed to be

[ZetaTalk dated November 29, 1995]

Faced with conflicting needs, the conspirators controlling the spin of
the Hale-Bopp story continue to dither. Where the foundation for the
fragmentation story had been laid out weeks ago, to continue with the
story would credit ZetaTalk with an accurate prediction. Pride goeth
before a fall, and some among the Hale-Bopp conspirators lean all the
way to arrogance. Add to that their extreme resentment of ZetaTalk,
and the end of November, 1995 finds them digging themselves in deeper.
The fragmentation story has now been cast aside in favor of more horn
tooting, reminiscent of the earlier Hale- Bopp announcements.

A late summer ESO report stated as clearly as the ESO dared that
Hale-Bopp was not a comet, based on the lack of comet emissions and
expansive behavior. To counter the ESO, which was willing to withhold
the full facts but unwilling to lie, the conspirators once again waxed
creative. They announced with great fanfare, under the pretext of an
independent contribution to the NASA data bank, that Hale- Bopp had
been found, under certain conditions, to be emitting one of the
emissions found in all comets. Is this true? Those who would believe
this should ask the conspirators why they did not explain the multiple
reasons for their findings, selecting only the desired explanation,
and why they did not publish the many concurrent findings that
demonstrated that Hale-Bopp is an exploding star.

[ZetaTalk dated May 18, 1996]

Considering all the hoopla, one would think that a visible comet was
entering the solar system. Why is it that the common man, with
telescope in hand, can't yet find this marvel? Get used to it,
astronomers of the world, as this is the banter you will hear through
1997, that Hale-Bopp is right there, and if you can't see it the fault
it yours. The emperor does have new clothes, and anyone saying
otherwise is blind, clumsy, an amateur, on the wrong side of the
globe, and probably very gutsy.

Has anyone taken a survey of the harassment those who dare question
the Hale-Bopp story line undergo? The e-mail, the insults, the
demeaning offers to assist? One gathers quickly that it is best to
fall silent. Should anyone wonder at the truth of this statement, just
look to what our emissary, Nancy, had to undergo for months on the
sci.astro boards. Planet X does not exist, our explanation of rotation
is absurd, our explanation of two tides is absurd, our explanation of
repeating comets is absurd, and never mind addressing the
contradictions in human astrophysics, Nancy's statements on our behalf
must be absurd, else the Hale-Bopp lackeys will be seen for what they

It should be noted that the questions we and our emissary, Nancy,
posed on sci.astro have never been answered.

標hy did the various major observatories around the world assume the
head of Hale-Bopp to be various different things - a dark area, a
bright spot, a dark areas to the side of a bright spot - all while the
head was the basis of the supposed orbit tracking? Is it irrelevant
what the head of the comet is? Is this because the stated orbit rules,
and is a given even before the evidence comes in?

標hy was it necessary for the IAU to toss out 90% of the data
submitted to it for the announced orbit to be found to be correct? Is
this science, that the assumption overrules the data?

標hy has the supposed Orbit of Hale-Bopp been pre- calculated to take
variances from the usual cometary behavior, every few weeks? The
public has been broadly reassured that NASA and JPL have taken into
account perturbations, but what are those perturbations? The public is
to get no more explanation of this than of any other aberration about
Hale- Bopp. How dare they ask!

[ZetaTalk dated June 17, 1996]

While casting about for some means to end the scandal ridden life of
their invention - the comet Hale-Bopp - the conspirators have only dug
themselves deeper into their pit of lies. Trying to cover one lie with
more lies only accomplishes one thing - more lies for the public to
examine! Where there is an endless Supply of Friends who will post
that they have seen the glorious comet in the skies, the conspirators
are so concerned about their face that they haven't been watching
their back. Take a check on where all these almost daily Changes in
the Ephemerides are leading, astronomers of the world, as they are
leading right to where a face saving comet that's a real comet is
coming from. They plan to hide Hale-Bopp behind a real comet, but this
is not possible if sufficient questions are asked about this
constantly changing orbit. What comet, ever, has had this kind of
manipulation in its orbit? Why can't NASA explain the reasons for the
Constant Change ? Is it a secret? Is it that you have no right to ask?
Demand that the agency your tax dollars support provide you with this
information, and refuse to be duped!

The Hale-Bopp conspirators are the same group that has consistently
lied about the structures on the Moon, the sphinx on Mars, what the
astronauts saw on the Moon and flying around their shuttle, the UFO's
that pilots know better than to mention, and the real reason the core
of the Earth is heating up with magnetic diffusion and erratic weather
and earthquakes and volcanic activity increasing. They lie, and
they're arrogant, and they don't give a hoot about the masses whom
they are jerking around with their lies. They want just one thing,
lack of panic in the masses, and this is so they can make quiet
preparations for themselves without all the mess in their lives that
panic in others would bring. They want you thinking that the
millennium comet has come and gone, and its name is supposed to be
Hale-Bopp. What might appear to be a silly lie about a little comet
has great import when the motive is understood. They want you looking
in the wrong direction, at the wrong object, and placated when it

[ZetaTalk dated July 9, 1996]

All roads seem to lead to Gamma Andromedae, where this does not
logically follow! If a comet, coming in at a sharp elliptic angle,
moves in above Jupiter and the current cluster of outer planets -
Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, it might be expected to be perturbed.
Thus, the perturbations anticipated in the IAU Orbital Elements posted
last fall in November, '95. When the conspirators failed to bury their
fraud as planned, by having it fragment due to violent outbursting
when behind the Sun, they came up with an alternate plan. What stopped
this pre-planned burial was the Zeta announcement that this was the
plan, and the conspirators were loath to hand us a victory. Thus,
Hale-Bopp was announced to be rounding the Sun in March of 1996, as an
alternate plan was firmly in hand. They would marry their fraud,
Hale-Bopp, with a double star, Gamma Andromedae, and what a glorious
perihelion that would be!

However, in implementing this plan they failed to anticipate being
closely questioned. The various adjustments have the fraud, Hale-Bopp,
moving more sharply in toward Jupiter in the orbital elements posted
by NASA on February 22, 1996, and Yet More Sharply on May 28, 1996,
all the while pulling the orbit toward Gamma Andromedae at perihelion,
a logical consequence. To complete the last leg, however, they needed
to adjust the orbital element sharply, and this required Manipulation
of the Orbit such that it moved Away From Jupiter, rather than being
perturbed toward the giant as is usually assumed to be the case. Was
anyone looking? Most on the message boards were being blitzed by a
barrage of pre-arranged postings claiming dramatic sightings of
Hale-Bopp, so what could the worry be! Thus orbital elements were
posted showing an unexplained adjustment that not only placed the
orbit of Hale-Bopp out away from Jupiter, but at the same time gave it
a tighter curve at perihelion toward its mask, Gamma Andromedae!

Was any explanation given for any of these adjustments? Most
particularly, was any explanation given for the Tighter Curve at
Perihelion? A tighter curve would have to have a historical
explanation, yet the prior orbit of Hale-Bopp has been repeatedly
asserted to be firmly established. What is the explanation for this
tighter curve? As with all other manipulations of the Hale- Bopp's
orbit, these adjustments are hidden behind the smug and assured face
of the establishment, which is certain it will never be required to
divulge its edicts. They owe the public no explanation. Just pay your
taxes and know your place. And they fully expect to get away with this
fraud, while the whole world watches. Such is the arrogance of the
conspirators, that they feel they can intimidate the amateur
astronomers of the world, and have them believe other than the truth,
other than what their own eyes attest! The emperor does have new
clothes, and any who say he is nude are to be told they are blind,
stupid, and ignorant!

All rights reserved: Zeta...@ZetaTalk.com

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Dec 23, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/23/96

In article <32be964b...@news.prestel.co.uk>, smal...@cs-shaw.prestel.co.uk wrote:
>i ve been following the Hale Bopp saga for a while now, and though i
>freely admit to being no scientist, it has got me interested.,....
>any scientists out there who could give me their opinions?..
>ZetaTalk: Hale- Bopp

It's all Zetacrap(tm). It's a regular comet with nothing unusual going on.
The person who posted this garbage has a screw loose or is a fair sci-fi



Dec 23, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/23/96

smal...@cs-shaw.prestel.co.uk (Smallblu) wrote:

>i ve been following the Hale Bopp saga for a while now, and though i
>freely admit to being no scientist, it has got me interested.,....

>any scientists out there who could give me their opinions?..

>ZetaTalk: Hale- Bopp

The Zetas do not exist and I am not totally certain about Nancy.

Hale-Bopp is a potentially great comet. Nothing more. It and hay...
last year may mean the drought of great comets that we have been
having is coming to an end.

Go to the HB web site and find out where it is supposed to be, then go
to a dark site with a pair of binoculars (after it comes out from
behind the Sun) and see for yourself.

This spring it may give a great show. You'll need to be away from
city lights to get the best view. But, from a dark site, it may get
to be truly awesome to use a much overworked word.

Hope this helps.

Information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom,
wisdom is not truth, truth is not beauty, beauty is not love

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